Adding Flowering Trees to Your Landscaping

flowering purple tree in backyard

Trees are an important part of every landscape, providing shade, beauty, and a home for wildlife. But not all trees are created equal. If you’re looking to add a little color to your yard, consider planting a flowering tree.  Deciding on Deciduous When designing a space, adding a little something special makes all the difference. […]

The Benefits of Trees for Utah Landscapes

red tree leaves during autumn

Being a homeowner comes with plenty of responsibilities, many of which can easily go from “fun project” to “tedious obligation” over the course of one hot afternoon. While setting oneself a task such as finishing the basement or cleaning the garage will certainly provide some before-and-after satisfaction, it takes a special type of work that […]

Which Trees Are Best for Your Winter Landscaping?

winter tree

Maintaining a beautiful yard throughout all four seasons is no easy feat. In fact, winter is a nightmare for most gardening and landscaping enthusiasts. There is nothing that you can plant, you can’t really spend time outside without freezing, and no outdoor plants will bloom. The one saving grace when it comes to winter landscaping […]

How to Use Autumn in Your Backyard’s Landscaping Design

Family in autumn backyard

Even though plants are beginning to die for the year and winter is around the corner, fall is a landscape designer’s dream! The assortment of different autumnal colors creates a bright palette that you only get to play with once a year. If you are trying to think of ways that you can incorporate the […]

How to Perfect Your Landscape Design

As a homeowner, you know that the design and layout of your landscaping has a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. Your landscape design is so much more important than a lot of people even realize! The first impression of your entire home is made before someone steps foot over your threshold. […]

4 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Private

At the top of many homeowners home wishlist, is privacy. You want to be safe and secure from prying eyes, and this is especially true when you are in your backyard. No matter how beautiful your patio or garden is, the truth is, you really don’t want people peeking into your private life. You don’t […]

Planting Trees in Fall

Father and son planting

A tree is a wonderful addition to any yard. Trees can help to keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Not only are they beautiful, but they can also have amazing mental health benefits, and even increase the value of your home. Trees are also usually a larger investment than, […]

A Guide to Deadheading

In the spring, we were thrilled to see blossoms appearing throughout our gardens. However, now that we’re in the middle of the summer, most of those spring blossoms are dying and going to seed. That is, unless you deadhead your garden. Sure, the term “deadhead” might sound rather macabre, but the truth is that it’s […]

Keeping Your Yard Cool in Summer

Now that summer is here, we can all expect long days of the sun beating down on everyone. While the sun definitely comes with its share of fun, it can become a drag right quick if it is too hot to do anything outdoors. However, there are things you can do to counter the extreme […]

Utah’s Best Blossoms

Spring blossoms are the first signs of warmer days ahead. And after a long winter, they’re a welcome sight. Do you have any beautiful flowering plants in your yard? Bulbs are usually some of the first flowers out of the ground. However, you might have noticed that certain flowering trees and shrubs usually blossom before […]