Lawn Care

Mowing a nice lawn

You can fill your yard with as many landscaping features as you want, and while they might all be aesthetically stunning and make people look in awe, your yard will never really feel like it is a complete piece if you don’t have a healthy lawn. In order to maintain a healthy lawn, lawn care is a necessary practice that you can either do yourself, or hire out to a professional. Either way, having a healthy lawn is something that you won’t soon regret.

Provide a space for outdoor recreation

What is the point of having all the space for a yard if you aren’t able to actually do anything in it? While dirt, gravel, or concrete can all be played upon, there is nothing quite like being able to use your lawn as a space for outdoor recreation. Whether it is playing a turkey bowl with the kids or simply going out and having an outside picnic during the summer season, it’s always nicer to do it on a yard of healthy grass. One aspect that makes lawns so much nicer is that they operate as a natural air conditioner, outside. This is called the lawn cooling effect, which can be as effective as 70 tons of air conditioning.

Healthy lawns increase your property value

Having a healthy lawn does more than just increase the satisfaction that you get out of your home, it actually literally makes your home more valuable. A nice lawn will automatically make the rest of your home look nicer and more put together. Real estate agents note that lawns are one of the first things that people notice when they see a home, and that there is about a 100 to 200% return on investment for improvements to landscaping your yard.

Our team can help you achieve the perfect lawn

All of the landscaping craftsmen that work at Cottonwood Landscapes have experience with a wide variety of landscaping aspects. To us, lawn care in Utah is a piece of cake, but a piece of cake that deserves the utmost attention and dedication. Contact our team today to see how we can help you maintain a healthy lawn and get the most out of your yard.