The Benefits of Trees for Utah Landscapes

red tree leaves during autumn

Being a homeowner comes with plenty of responsibilities, many of which can easily go from “fun project” to “tedious obligation” over the course of one hot afternoon. While setting oneself a task such as finishing the basement or cleaning the garage will certainly provide some before-and-after satisfaction, it takes a special type of work that will feel exciting at every stage while also giving a sense of progressive accomplishment. 

Landscaping is ripe with those types of jobs. At virtually every stage, from meeting with landscape architects to discuss your yard design, to seeing your plans take shape and (in some cases) literally grow, to celebrating the final product, working on your home’s outdoor aesthetic is a richly rewarding experience.

Under the Beautiful Boughs

While there are plenty of features of your property that Cottonwood Landscapes can install to add lasting beauty to your home — aspects that will present beautifully as you walk over the flagstone or next to the creek — there is one feature that will take away the breath of passersby long before they reach the backyard: the trees.

By virtue of their numerous graces, trees have been a staple in landscaping design for generations. Adding foliage to your yard has the potential to add multiple benefits to your home at once.

Embracing Nature

At their core, trees are the symbol of nature. Their presence signifies a beautiful continuity between the man-made structures of your home and other outdoor buildings with the surrounding biodiversity of the earth. Trees are inherently symbiotic with man, which makes each tree on your property more than just decoration — they’re a symbol.

Saving Money

The canopy of a tree, if planted in an opportune spot, can block out much of the harsh sun’s rays from a window or doorway. This will keep the home cool during the summer and give your HVAC costs a break. They can also shield you from the harsh winds kicked up during a storm, which can protect the structural integrity of your house.

Investing in Happiness 

It has been scientifically proven that trees can reduce stress — not only spending time around them but even just looking at them. Trees encourage creative thinking and help people feel healthier. The more trees you have in your yard design, the better, if even just from a mental health perspective.

Utah’s Finest Foliage

It is our goal at Cottonwood Landscapes that every completed job do two things: 

  • Increase the joy of our clients by giving them the satisfaction of living in a beautiful home.
  • Increase the value of that home by raising its curb appeal.

In order to accomplish this, we have a number of team members that are specialized in different aspects of landscaping. Whether you want to install a water feature or an outdoor kitchen, we have experts who can do that. And that goes for designing flora around your yard, as well. 

As anyone who has spent an extensive amount of time landscaping in Utah will tell you, there are good trees to accommodate the land and better trees to accommodate the land. Let’s take a quick look at the better options.

The Red Maple

Famous around Cache County and other Northern Utah locales, the Red Maple can tolerate many different soil types and will grow quickly — up to two feet per year. You won’t have to wait long for your landscape to reach its full potential with this tree.

The Sawtooth Oak

One of the most popular oak varieties in Utah, the Sawtooth Oak is responsible for many of autumn’s most beautiful colors. With a growth rate similar to that of the Red Maple, you will have lovely, classy trees, grown tall, in just a few short years.

The Hybrid Poplar

One of Utah’s most used shade trees, the poplar can be found adorning yard designs of all kinds throughout the entire state, and for good reason. Growing a whopping 8 feet per year, the poplar thrives in Utah’s soil and climate. 

The Tulip Tree

Known for its iconic flowers, the tulip tree adds a real sense of uniqueness to your landscape. Each one feels like a work of art. Thanks to its hearty growth patterns — reaching nearly 100 feet tall before it stops growing — it will be the hallmark feature of your yard. By working with our landscape architects, we will help you pick a place of honor for it that also won’t interfere with electrical structures in your neighborhood.

When it comes to improving your landscaping, you could do much worse than investing in some timeless trees. Give us a call today to discuss how we can spruce up your yard design with these beautiful and living sentinels. 

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