Adding Flowering Trees to Your Landscaping

flowering purple tree in backyard

Trees are an important part of every landscape, providing shade, beauty, and a home for wildlife. But not all trees are created equal. If you’re looking to add a little color to your yard, consider planting a flowering tree. 

Deciding on Deciduous

When designing a space, adding a little something special makes all the difference. A colorful pop of interest and natural beauty is what flowering trees bring to any landscaping project. Beyond the decorative elements, flowering trees offer a range of additional benefits to your Utah landscape, such as improved air quality, natural cooling, and bird habitat -all great for the environment! With so much to consider, why wouldn’t you give thought to adding flowering trees to your next landscaping project? 

The Pros and Cons of Planting Flowering Trees

Not sure if trees are the right choice for your property? At Cottonwood Landscapes, we believe the addition of flowering trees can turn what seems like an ordinary garden into something vibrant and beautiful. Trees serve as a natural decoration or focal point in your outdoor space, with colorful blooms that come alive during springtime. Still need some convincing? Here are some more pros of planting flowering trees:

  • Established trees can prevent erosion and storm runoff
  • Reduced energy costs thanks to natural shade
  • Some flowering trees produce edible fruit
  • Flowering trees attract pollinators
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Trees can block unsightly views

However, there may be some drawbacks to having trees on your property. Usually, this only occurs when the wrong trees are planted in the wrong place. Some problems you may experience include:

  • Root systems too close to the house can damage the foundation
  • Flowering trees can drop fruit in undesirable locations, i.e. driveways, sidewalks
  • Trees might invite unwanted visitors, such as bugs or squirrels

When you work with Cottonwood to design your Utah landscape, we’ll ensure that none of the work we do is damaged by the wrong tree or the wrong placement.

Choosing the Best Flowering Trees for Your Utah Yard

Deciding which type of deciduous tree to plant in your Utah can be tricky. We experience extreme variations in weather, including scorching hot summers and heavy winter snowfall.

The key to choosing the best flowering tree is to understand the climate and soil conditions of the region you live in and how they match up with the needs of a particular type of deciduous tree. If you’re unsure, you can consult with our team of professionals. 

Some of the most popular flowering trees in Utah are:

  • Autumn Cherry Tree
  • Catawba Crape Myrtle Tree
  • Crimson Pointe Purple Leaf Plum Tree
  • Flame Thrower Redbud Tree
  • Magnolia Butterflies Tree
  • Petite Pinkie Crape Myrtle Tree

Tips for Placing Trees on Your Property

To find the perfect spot for your flowering tree, consider what purpose it will serve; if you need more privacy, shade for an outdoor gathering space, or easy access for picking fruit, that will determine where you place your new trees. 

Keep in mind that the root system of a tree mimics the branches you see above ground. Consider the span of a tree’s head to understand how far away from structures, underground wires, and plumbing your tree should be planted to avoid problems.

Caring for New Trees

If you have just planted your tree, then make sure to give it the time and care it needs for optimal growth. Make sure you’re giving your tree enough water to stay hydrated — that means checking the soil every other day or so for moisture. You’ll also want to keep grass and weeds from growing up around the base, as sapsucking bugs can thrive in these areas. Additionally, pruning the branches should be done from time to time to promote robust health. Most importantly, keep an eye on your new little buddy in case of any disease outbreaks or insect infestations — early detection can help prevent bigger problems in the future.

If you have questions about the specific trees being installed on your property, let us know. We want your yard to thrive year-round and can help you find answers to ensure you can care for your trees properly, allowing you to enjoy their beauty, shade, and the privacy they provide for decades.

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