Indoor Sprouts: Growing Projects for You and Your Kids

Beansprout experiment

Just because it’s chilly out doesn’t mean that you have to forget about all things green and growing! In just a couple months, you’ll be starting to sprout early seedlings for your garden. In the meantime, an indoor project that you can do with your kids that will also help you practice and prepare for […]

Plants to Give Your Yard Winter Color

Holly in snow

Winter yards can look bleak and dismal. All the verdigris is lost from landscape that looked lush and thriving in the summer. However, winter has its own beauty, and you can capitalize on that by considering all four seasons when you’re doing planting in your yard. Color in the winter probably won’t come from flowers. […]

Set Up a Bird Feeder this Winter

bird feeder

During the winter, birds’ usual food sources become more limited. Most insects go into hibernation, and earthworms are buried under piles of snow and frozen ground. As buds, greenery, and seeds or nuts stop growing, birds look harder and harder for alternate food sources. That’s what makes winter the perfect season to set up a […]

Preventing Winter Damage to Your Yard

Yard maintenance

The growing season is over, and it’s time to plan for freezing winter temperatures. Hopefully you’ve already brought any delicate potted plants indoors, and there’s salt and a snow shovel near at hand. There are also some measures that you’ll want to take in your yard to protect from the howling wind, snow, and sub-zero […]

Get Your Fountain Ready for Winter

Frozen Fountain

Your beautiful water feature adds a feeling of holiday and oasis to your yard, especially during the blazing summer months. However, during the winter, it will need special care.

Healthy Yard, Healthier Family

If you love your yard, you won’t be surprised to learn that that green spaces are scientifically proven to be beneficial. Really, it’s just common sense. Of course it’s good for you if it’s something that makes you happy! But you’ll probably be surprised to hear about the powerful effects of green spaces on the […]

Hosting a Movie Night in Your Yard

Warm summer nights are the perfect time to enjoy a movie night under the stars. Whether you’re planning an event for a bunch of kids, young singles, or just for your own family, it’s an easy way to get people together and have a fun time while keeping planning to a minimum. Here are some […]

Are You Wasting Water?

You love your yard, but you hate seeing the water bill spike when summer comes around. Most of us spend 60% of our water supply on our yards. What if we told you that you could still have a lush, green lawn with a fraction of the water? Here are three simple things that will […]

How To Make Your Yard More Appealing Than Video Games

Girl doing a cartwheel in the yard

Close your eyes and think of some of your favorite childhood summer memories. Where do they take place? For most of us, the prime location for summer fun was our own backyard! But nowadays, it can be a challenge to get kids unplugged and outside. So how can you make your own backyard more appealing than […]

The Concept of Edible Landscaping

Just as they have done for centuries, people are frequently coming up with new and exciting ways to utilize their yards and the land around their home. One incredible new way to innovate your landscaping is to play with the new concept of edible landscaping: landscaping that you can eat. While essentially taking the forever-old […]