Landscape Design for Utah Homes

With the right landscape design, you can boost your home’s value, curb appeal, and your own satisfaction. Let Cottonwood Landscapes bring all your visions of a garden oasis to fruition.

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    Sophisticated Utah Landscaping

    Make Your Home the Place Where Everyone Comes Together
    Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating a yard you’re not satisfied with, Cottonwood has over 20 years of landscaping experience. It’s time to make your yard the outdoor gathering space for all your important get-togethers.

    What Every Utah Yard Needs

    From Cottonwood Landscapes

    Tips for Landscaping in Utah

    Proper landscaping requires a balance of technical knowledge and creativity, especially if you want a yard that thrives in Northern Utah’s extreme climate. You can’t just come in and start building pergolas and planting greenery without careful planning ahead of time. Because our climate offers all four seasons, plants and water features need to be carefully chosen and installed to withstand all weather conditions.

    When coming into a new property, there are some important questions that need to be asked and answered before we can truly begin planning out a new landscape design with you. These questions help us lay a foundation for building up a beautiful space for a small backyard, expansive outdoor living area, or cozy backyard patio for alfresco dining:

    • What purpose does the yard serve for the homeowners?
    • What is the desired focal point for the yard? Is it a pool, vegetation, outdoor kitchen, or stone patio with a table and chairs
    • What kinds of native plant life will thrive in this climate? How can plants offer shade or accentuate a water feature, dining area, or play area?
    • Does the front or backyard have any significant slopes or changes in elevation that may require a retaining wall?
    • How will each seating area be defined? How can we implement a deck, fire pit, or other structures to utilize the backyard landscape more fully?
    • How will we tie all outdoor spaces together? What elements of the landscape will be repeated in the front, back, and/or side yard areas for cohesion?
    • Where do we need to run irrigation and sprinklers in the yard to keep the plant life healthy and thriving?
    • How much maintenance is going to be needed to keep this landscaping beautiful and in working order?
    The best landscaper near you is the one who understands your needs for your outdoor space, and who can cultivate them into functional and practical real-life applications you can enjoy for years to come. Just imagine what your yard could become with the help of a team that specializes in high-end design elements.

    Rely on Cottonwood’s Design Principles

    For Landscaping

    Bring It All Together with Thoughtful Design Execution

    Our landscape design specialists have extensive experience in creating gorgeous outdoor spaces. But don’t assume that our outcomes are purely from random creativity. Our experts use tried and trusted design principles to guide each of our landscaping decisions.

    Here are some of the key guidelines that we always follow in landscape design:

    • Color
    • Form
    • Line
    • Scale
    • Texture


    Rest assured that our team of professionals will work with you to customize the color palette and scope of work you need in your yard. From eye-catching flowering trees to artfully designed pools with waterfalls, we will help you get the show-stopping yard you’ve always wanted.

    See How Cottonwood

    Has Transformed Yards

    Bring It All Together with Thoughtful Design Execution

    A yard is a visual experience, so let’s take a look at how Cottonwood Landscapes has cultivated yards throughout the Salt Lake Valley. See our gallery of landscaping projects and get inspiration for your dream yard, as well as proof of a job well done.

    Envision What Your Yard Could Be

    When You Need Help Bringing Dreams to Life, Turn to Cottonwood Landscapes

    andscaping is a combination of softscapes–living elements like plants and grasses–and hardscapes, which are non-living structures like paths and pergolas. The right mix of vegetation and fixed structures enhances the form and function of your yard, and Cottonwood Landscapes does it all.

    Take a look at the professional landscape services we offer our Utah clients:

    Check out our comprehensive list of landscaping services here.

    Picture what your yard could be with any number of the services available from Cottonwood Landscapes. When you’re ready to get started on your yard transformation, contact Cottonwood for help achieving your vision.

    How to Add Value to Your Outdoor Space

    Reap the Rewards of Your Investment

    With our experience, education, and design skills, we’ll work to build the landscape you’ve always dreamed of. One of the most important parts of landscaping involves advanced planning, such as plant growth and soil requirements. Because we understand these issues, we can save you a great deal of time and money by helping you choose the right plants and materials the first time.

    We know plants add color, texture, and scent to your yard, so let us help you pick the perfect ones to customize your yard based on your needs. Do you want shade? Let’s get the right trees on your property that will mature and preside over your home with a canopy of leaves. Do you want to bring in pollinators like birds and bees? Let’s get a variety of plants that flower from spring through fall to attract them. Do you want a stone fireplace? Let’s ensure we plant vegetation at the appropriate distance so as to stay in line with fire safety regulations. Do you want an outdoor room that feels like an extension of your home? Let’s install decking with coverage to keep it usable from spring through fall.

    Whatever backyard landscaping ideas you can dream up, we can help customize your outdoor space.

    Create a Cohesive Outdoor Space

    with Cottonwood Landscapes

    Enjoy Sophisticated Landscape Design from a Pro

    Along with the logistics of landscaping design in Utah, we provide artistic advice and options. Our landscape designer Barry Berg has over 35 years of experience to help you make your dream yard a reality. We’ll help you assess what you want most out of your yard or landscape, and we’ll work to make it happen. If you’re not sure what colors you need in your garden bed to complement your home, that’s where we come in.

    Our experts aren’t just good at implementing your vision, by the way. We’ll help you come up with landscaping ideas that will make the most of your yard if you’re overwhelmed with options.

    With a landscape inspired by your wishes and perfected through our expertise, you’ll find a beautiful outdoor space that you can truly enjoy. Together, we’ll create a landscape to complement your lifestyle as well as your home’s architecture.

    See What Our Clients Say

    Matthew Horn
    Matthew Horn
    They were very professional—showing up exactly when they said they would, and things looked exactly how they described. And whenever anything did deviate from expectations, they were quick with communications. I could not expect anything more.
    Bill Aho
    Bill Aho
    Cottonwood Landscapes built a 20' semi-circular raised patio with pavers, along with some related projects that also involved electrical, carpentry and masonry. My feedback is very positive. Their design skills are excellent. They had a much better vision of the finished product than I did. Their crews were professional, dependable and talented. They knew what they were doing and showed up for a full day of work every day. They also had very good masonry and carpentry subs. And they were generally responsive and easy to work with. I will say this--they aren't cheap. There were some charges that had me scratching my head and we did have a few back and forths. But the questionable charges were relatively small compared to the overall price and I would much rather have a finished product that I love than take a minor price reduction. I would recommend them with confidence, especially for those with high standards.
    Tianna Jorgensen
    Tianna Jorgensen
    The people working in this company are honest hard-working individuals they get the job done and it looks amazing afterwards we are always sure to clean up as we go honesty and integrity is super important and this company has it
    Andrew S
    Andrew S
    Overall I would say I am pleased with the design process and the installation. I had them regrade the slope and replace almost everything in my back yard. They replaced some clay with soil, regraded everything to slope away from the house, added a paver walkway, installed sod, and several other items. The workers showed up on time and worked very hard to get job done right and in a timely manner. The landscaping is beautiful, the paver walkway looks amazing, and most of the project looks great. You can tell that they know what they are doing and care about their work. My only frustrations were how they accidentally broke a rock feature and also how they missed some quality checks. Missing paver sand, pop up drains being buried too deep, and other minor items would all be quick and easy fixes if they had inspected the work or else responded to my requests before the ground froze. The good news is that they agreed to look at the missed items, and they agreed to fix them later… but I will have to wait 3-4 months for the ground to thaw and then hope that they are still willing to resolve everything then. They definitely got the most important things completed correctly in this project, and it really does look great. But it would have been a better experience if the final touches had been completed correctly and in a timely manner.
    David Dunne
    David Dunne
    Not easy to locate, lacking any signage, but I was finally able to find the right Building.

    Add Value To Your Home

    There’s no question that adding a Landscape design to your home adds value to your life and your equity. Experts estimate that a landscape design  adds anywhere between 5-8% to your property value.

    Don't wait any longer to start the Landscape project of your dreams.

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