Which Trees Are Best for Your Winter Landscaping?

winter tree

Maintaining a beautiful yard throughout all four seasons is no easy feat. In fact, winter is a nightmare for most gardening and landscaping enthusiasts. There is nothing that you can plant, you can’t really spend time outside without freezing, and no outdoor plants will bloom. The one saving grace when it comes to winter landscaping is trees. Trees are versatile, beautiful, and can withstand any season. Most trees change their appearance drastically season to season, meaning that you’ll get to enjoy the differing landscape all year long. If you’ve been looking for a few trees to add to your landscaping that looks beautiful during the winter, here are a few of our favorites.


An evergreen tree is one of the best trees if you want to continue to see any bit of color in your landscape during the winter. When someone thinks of an evergreen tree, they usually think of a pine or a fir. Their mind automatically goes to “Christmas trees”. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but evergreen trees expand far beyond a traditional-looking pine or fir tree. There are various different needle patterns, and even the color of needles, to consider. A few to consider are blue spruce and cedar.

Japanese Maple

If you decide to go with a deciduous tree for your landscaping, you may not have year-round color, but that doesn’t mean your landscaping will be ugly. In fact, many trees that sport beautiful blooms and leaves, have beautiful branches underneath, making them a perfect choice for winter landscaping. Japanese Maple is a smaller tree that has an interesting branch pattern that we know you’ll fall in love with.


We love birch trees for their interesting bark patterns! They’re gorgeous year-round and will still provide a variety of colors, as well as texture.


Many varieties of cherry trees sport a burgundy wine red bark, which looks beautiful next to the stark white snow of winter.


One of our favorite things about eucalyptus trees in the beautiful and interesting textures of the peeling bark.

Holly and Hawthorn

The Holly and Hawthorn family of trees is an interesting one. You’ll find that they produce fruit during even the coldest months, which adds beauty to your impressive winter landscaping.

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