Eat Your Heart Out, Tom Sawyer: Fences Done Right

High-quality brick and wood fence

We all remember the iconic moment from Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer: Tom has been tasked by his Aunt Polly to whitewash a fence as punishment for his childishness. Naturally, Tom would rather skip out on the chore and go play, instead. Thanks to the spectacle that he’s made of himself in the neighborhood, other boys […]

The Butterfly Effect: Making Big Changes in Small and Simple Ways

Rear Patio Pergola With Wooden Furniture

There is a common game children like to play to get to know one another: what would you do with a million dollars? In addition to just letting one’s imagination run wild, the game is fun to listen to because most people don’t have any idea how far a million dollars will go. Now, as […]

Incorporating Fire into Your Landscape Design

Outdoor Patio with Water Feature, Fire Pit, and Reclining Chairs

Most will remember the story of Prometheus, the rebellious god who delivered the fire of Olympus to mortals, jumpstarting their industry and progression. Thanks to his generosity, mankind was able to cook their food, heat their homes, and power their burgeoning technology. As punishment for his progressivism, Zeus condemned Prometheus to an eternity of arrested […]

Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Your Project

beautiful backyard landscaping

As we move further into the spring months, thoughts of evening gatherings, weekend barbeques, and summer backyard fires begin circulating the minds of many. Most would agree that Utah summer nights are best enjoyed outdoors— and if you have your own yard, there is little reason to pack up and head into the mountains for […]

The Magic of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting

There is no quicker way to feel the magic or ambiance of a time and place like outdoor lighting. For many, Christmas hasn’t begun until the houses in their neighborhood have put up their lights, while many judge the romance of a dinner on the promenade by the candles on the tables and a lighted […]

Outdoor Landscaping Trends for 2021

Backyard landscape

Our preferences and tastes certainly change with the times. As bold trends come and go, we are left with outdated furniture, wardrobes, and landscapes that, if not updated, will earn a label of “out-of-style” from those around us.  When focusing on keeping the home up-to-date, many focus attention on the interior. However, most people passing […]