10 Landscaping Projects for Small and Large Yards in Utah

Utah features beautiful scenery with the backdrop of the Wasatch mountains and amazing residential yards. It can be hard to compete with the hundreds of pristinely landscaped plots that surround you.

It’s time to start thinking about landscape design for your piece of land. Here are some ideas of Salt Lake City landscaping projects both small and large yards can do. 

5 Landscape Design Projects for Small Yards 

You might feel discouraged by your small yard, but that’s where good landscape design comes in! Your West Jordan landscape professionals can transform your small space into an exciting wonderland. Here are five projects to consider. 

1. Paver Patio 

In Utah, pavers can make all the difference for your backyard. If you don’t currently have a patio, pavers strategically placed against the back of your house can deliver this elegant feature for you. 

You can choose from a variety of pavers to create a beautifully patterned patio to spice up the space. It’s much more interesting than plain old concrete and, in some cases, it can be more affordable. 

2. Gorgeous Flower Beds 

Whether you till some ground to put flower beds along your house or you install planters and boxes throughout your yard, flower beds make for gorgeous landscape design. You can get creative with the kind of flowers and plants you put in each bed or pot, showing color and creativity year to year. 

3. Fire Pit

Crisp, cool Utah summer nights demand a fire pit! Nothing beats that relaxing feeling of sitting by the fire, conversing with loved ones or roasting marshmallows with little ones. 

In Utah, pavers make an excellent surround for your fire pit of choice. Add a decorative fire ring, and some twinkle lights, and you’re in for some magical Utah nights! 

4. Yard Lighting 

Outdoor lighting shouldn’t only be reserved for Christmas. Your yard can benefit from quality lighting all year round, whether you line your driveway with solar-powered lights or string twinkle lights on your patio. 

Good lighting not only makes for a pleasant atmosphere, but it also adds to the security and safety of your home. It discourages burglary and provides a well-lit path for you and your guests. 

5. Pergola Coverage 

A pergola on your patio or deck mixes the perfect amount of charm and comfort. It affords shade, particularly with canvas or drapes woven through. It’s a statement piece for your backyard that will have everyone in the neighborhood wanting one! 

5 Landscape Design Projects for Large Yards 

If you have a large yard, good landscape design is essential! Large yards can look boring or even unkempt without some attention to the design. Here are some simple, yet powerful tools for transforming your large yard into an incredible escape. 

1. Water Features and Inground Pools 

In Utah, swimming pools and ponds can provide interest and fun for your huge backyard! Your pond can be on the small side and stocked with koi for your viewing pleasure, or it can be huge and stocked with trout for personal fishing. 

Inground pools provide much-needed relief from the summer heat! Imagine pool parties and relaxing evenings with your family in your beautifully designed swimming pool.  

2. Retaining Walls 

If you’re one of the lucky Utah residents who reside on a hill or mountainside, you’ll want retaining walls to improve your landscape design. Retaining walls are a safety feature that prevents dirt, rocks, and other natural debris from washing into your yard and flooding your house. They’re also beautiful design pieces perfect for large backyards! 

3. Extravagant Botanical Garden 

It’s great to have a vegetable garden to supply you with fresh produce throughout the warmer months, but have you considered installing your own botanical garden? These gardens are a visually stunning conglomeration of flora and fauna. 

Botanical gardens can also be designed with walking paths, benches, floral arches, and more. This statement piece can be the perfect escape for you to read a book, enjoy a relaxing night with a loved one, or even to just sit and ponder. 

4. Hardscaping Galore 

In Utah, pavers, concrete, river rock, and even tile in your backyard are the perfect ingredients for a well-designed yard. Hiring a landscape designer to hardscape your front and back yard means you’ll have functional and beautiful walking paths and sitting areas. It’s the perfect complement to your grass and flower beds. 

5. Outdoor Kitchen and Entertaining Area 

While you’re looking into hardscaping, consider how you can turn a hardscaped area into a gorgeous outdoor entertaining area. With the right overhead coverage, you could even have a full outdoor kitchen and wet bar, perfect for entertaining throughout the year!

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