Outdoor Landscaping Trends for 2021

Backyard landscape

Our preferences and tastes certainly change with the times. As bold trends come and go, we are left with outdated furniture, wardrobes, and landscapes that, if not updated, will earn a label of “out-of-style” from those around us. 

When focusing on keeping the home up-to-date, many focus attention on the interior. However, most people passing by won’t enter your home— they’ll see it from the outside. For that reason, strategic landscaping can be very beneficial in not only increasing your curb appeal but leaving you with a property that you are proud to call your own.

What Homeowners Are Doing

Luckily for you, landscaping trends have moved in a more ‘timeless’ direction, allowing you to enjoy your yard for years to come while its aesthetic and style remain relevant. At Cottonwood Landscaping, we help a lot of folks in Utah bring their outdoor space to life and have seen firsthand what is popular and what is not. As your Salt Lake City landscapers and outdoor design experts, we have made a list of a few timeless 2021 Utah landscaping trends.

Embracing the Feel of Nature

Trees, shrubs and other plants have always been common natural implements to a yard, but these days, homeowners are looking for a little more. Melding both the controlled and natural elements of your outdoor space can work to accomodate your needs as well as the needs of welcome wildlife such as backyard birds. Letting trees, bushes and plants grow just a little more freely can introduce a decorative tapestry of living things to your landscape.

Unique Lighting

As home automation continues to grow in popularity, so will the desire for outdoor lighting. A well-lit space adds incredible dimension and lends new breath to your yard. Lighting under focus features such as benches and pathways draws people into the look and feel of your outdoor space. As your Salt Lake City landscapers, we specialize in outdoor lighting. Check out our website for more information.

Letting Personality Show

A perfectly-primmed yard with nothing out of place can certainly be a good thing. However, adding elements that personalize your outdoor space, externalizing a bit of your personality, is never a bad thing. Hang a birdhouse, plant some of your favorite flowers, add a bench, build a retaining wall; whatever makes your yard a little more customized to your vision. A little change can go a long way. 

Creating Healthy Soil for Happy Gardens

To tie back in with nature, home gardens are becoming more and more common. Not only do they create a pleasing, natural look, but they also yield flowers, fruits and vegetables. Many individuals are even taking to creating their own compost, enriching their soil for a healthier garden. Creating compost is simple, it just requires the reallocation of much of our natural waste. If you have extra space in your yard, consider adding a small garden.

Keeping Up With All Four Seasons

In Utah, we benefit in many ways from a diverse climate. This contrast between sun, rain and snow can make it difficult to keep a yard beautiful throughout the year. To solve this problem, many homeowners are planting year-round greenery to maintain a lively look throughout the cold winter months. In like manner, home features such as fire pits and covered patios are becoming more common.

Bringing Indoor Comforts Outdoors

Finally, people in Utah love spending time outdoors. Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces are both beautiful and useful. Hold your family gathering outside, have more barbeques and cookouts, enjoy the fresh outdoor air doing what you normally would do indoors. At Cottonwood Landscaping, we create beautiful outdoor spaces for homeowners who want to maximize the utility and beauty of their yards. For more information, or if you would like a quote for a project, contact your Salt Lake City landscaping experts today.

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