The Magic of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting

There is no quicker way to feel the magic or ambiance of a time and place like outdoor lighting. For many, Christmas hasn’t begun until the houses in their neighborhood have put up their lights, while many judge the romance of a dinner on the promenade by the candles on the tables and a lighted pergola overhead. Thanks to the professionalism of Utah’s most experienced landscapers, people living in and around Salt Lake City have the opportunity to create any mood they want in the backyard. 

As we move into 2021, there is no shortage of lighting trends that we can help you achieve, from lights embedded into the deck to those that illuminate the swimming pool. Let’s take a look at a few of the brightest fads taking hold of Utah homes today.

Green Lights

While literal green lights may not be trending today, climate-conscious light sources have never been more in demand. As global warming continues to play a significant role in climate change, low-power lighting rigs have seen an increase in home installations as people become more cognizant of their carbon footprint. There are a few ways to ensure that your outdoor lighting isn’t hurting the environment:

  • Solar-Powered Lights: The first and easiest way to cut down on power consumption is to install lights with solar panels on them so that they charge during the day for pleasant perma-lighting at night. Many retailers are beginning to carry solar-powered units, while professional landscapers have been using low-voltage lights for a long time.
  • Smart Lights: Smart lights controlled by an app are quickly taking off as one of the most popular ways to ensure that lights don’t burn too long or too bright. These apps can also let you monitor your power consumption so that you stay within acceptable limits.
  • LEDs: These low-energy lights not only shine brightly, but are easy to come by, and always look fashionable. They are also growing in popularity as the best way to light your way along a set of stairs or down a path, thanks to their minimalist design and nearly infinite colors.

Classic Beauty

Sometimes the old ways remain the best ways, and traditional lighting mechanisms are “coming back” in a big way in 2021. What makes these options so great is that they can be set up for little money, and they always look elegant. They also seem to grow in appeal depending on the weather﹘you’ll be amazed how romantic these lights will look after a fresh snowfall or during a light summer rain.

  • Lanterns: Lanterns have become a mainstay of neoclassical design, as they evoke a sense of timelessness that’s hard to beat. Today you can find designs of all types that can still interface with your smart lighting system, and which use low-voltage bulbs and LEDs.
  • Wall Sconces: The appeal of these modern sconces is that they are constantly being updated to fit any style you’re looking for in your home. The most popular light fixtures today come in finishes of brass or chrome, but if you wanted something more contemporary (or even something more medieval), you will find sconces made of pretty much anything.
  • Foot Lights: There are multiple ways to light a space, and we have found numerous that have been both beautiful and efficient. Our Salt Lake City landscapers can do everything from lawn bollards to ground lights set directly into the concrete.

Minimalist Lighting

The true lesson of contemporary building is “less is more,” and finding out how to get more light without all the pomp and circumstance of expensive installations can be tricky. Luckily it’s possible to get that DIY feel without having to bring in a lot of hardware.

  • String Lights: Who says that Christmas lights need only come out in December? While lights on strings certainly conjure up the feeling of the holiday season, playing with the size and shape of the bulbs, or the effect of the lighting (twinkling or steady) can do a lot to bring that feeling of a garden party home for good. Also, string lights are perfect for setting the mood over any swimming pool or hot tub.
  • Fire Pits: There is nothing quite like sitting around a fire pit with your friends, especially one that is built directly into the property and not thrown together with dad’s old equipment. Our landscapers are experts in creating modern, beautiful fire pits that are easy to maintain and look beautiful every time they’re lit.

No matter how you want to light your yard, the experts at Cottonwood Landscapes have seen and done it all. All you need is a dream and we can help you find the perfect mood to go along with the rest of your landscape features.

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