Cherry blossomsSpring blossoms are the first signs of warmer days ahead. And after a long winter, they’re a welcome sight. Do you have any beautiful flowering plants in your yard? Bulbs are usually some of the first flowers out of the ground. However, you might have noticed that certain flowering trees and shrubs usually blossom before even the daffodils. April is the perfect time to plant new trees and shrubs, so if you’re considering adding some of these blossoming beauties to your yard, here are some ideas to get you started:

Father and sons playingIf you love your yard, you won’t be surprised to learn that that green spaces are scientifically proven to be beneficial. Really, it’s just common sense. Of course it’s good for you if it’s something that makes you happy! But you’ll probably be surprised to hear about the powerful effects of green spaces on the mental and physical health of you and your loved ones. Did you know it might be able to make your kids perform better in school, and even improve the relationships between you and your spouse?

Sprinkler head spraying waterYou love your yard, but you hate seeing the water bill spike when summer comes around. Most of us spend 60% of our water supply on our yards. What if we told you that you could still have a lush, green lawn with a fraction of the water? Here are three simple things that will help you cut back your summer water bill:

Close your eyes and think of some of your favorite childhood summer memories. Where do they take place? For most of us, the prime location for summer fun was our own backyard! But nowadays, it can be a challenge to get kids unplugged and outside. So how can you make your own backyard more appealing than video games this summer? Here are some ideas: