Planting a Garden that Blooms Spring Through Fall

woman planting in spring garden

It’s so exciting to see the first blooms of spring crop up in March. Daffodils, crocus, and other early bloomers are the first signs of spring in Utah, and you can ensure you get to enjoy the anticipation and rewards of a garden well into fall. Seasons Come and Seasons Go In Utah, we know […]

Keeping the Grass Green on Your Side: The Best in Planting Services

Lighted bushes on much pad in the middle of green lawn

Much has been written about being satisfied with where one is in life. Collectively and individually, it’s our primary goal as people, and yet we are all familiar with the restlessness we feel about our current station that we have created idioms to express it: being “bent out of shape” or thinking “the grass is […]

7 Things to Do to Your Garden in March

March is often the signaling of the beginning of spring. We have had some crazy weather this winter, but last month the groundhog said spring was coming, so now that it’s March, we’re getting ready for the onset of spring. If you’ve been itching to get your garden started, you are in luck. There are […]

4 Landscaping Tips to Prep You For Spring

Even though the temperatures outside are still far from pleasant, the end is in sight. Spring is right around the corner, and with it, warmer temperatures, new growth in your garden, and longer days. Even though spring won’t be officially around for a few months, surprisingly, now is the time to prep your yard and […]

4 Unique Planter Ideas to Inspire Your Summer

When you think of your ideal landscaping, it probably includes some sort of garden or greenery. Depending on your space, a large and luscious garden isn’t always attainable. However, even if you have a small space, or you think your landscaping is near perfect, there are always ways that you can add the plants that […]

When is The Best Time to Start Gardening?

We had a surprisingly mild winter, but that doesn’t mean that the ground didn’t freeze and effectively kill our gardens. It’s part of life, and now that the weather is starting to get a little bit warmer, we’re getting excited just thinking about getting started on our gardening and landscaping for the summer.

A Guide to Making Your Own Pumpkin Patch

A pumpkin in a patch.

If you love the fall, one way that you can get your home into the fall spirit is by growing yourself a pumpkin patch. Not only are pumpkins a delicious addition to any garden that can make delicious and healthy treats, but they are also a seasonal amenity that can be used to decorate throughout […]

Planting Trees in Fall

Father and son planting

A tree is a wonderful addition to any yard. Trees can help to keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Not only are they beautiful, but they can also have amazing mental health benefits, and even increase the value of your home. Trees are also usually a larger investment than, […]

A Guide to Deadheading

In the spring, we were thrilled to see blossoms appearing throughout our gardens. However, now that we’re in the middle of the summer, most of those spring blossoms are dying and going to seed. That is, unless you deadhead your garden. Sure, the term “deadhead” might sound rather macabre, but the truth is that it’s […]

Keeping Your Garden Cool in the Summer

Sunlight is essential for pretty much every plant in your garden. However, the sheer amount of heat and sunlight that plants are exposed to during the summertime isn’t always the healthiest thing for them. There needs to be a balance for a garden to really grow and thrive. Because of this, it is worth exploring […]