Keeping the Grass Green on Your Side: The Best in Planting Services

Lighted bushes on much pad in the middle of green lawn

Much has been written about being satisfied with where one is in life. Collectively and individually, it’s our primary goal as people, and yet we are all familiar with the restlessness we feel about our current station that we have created idioms to express it: being “bent out of shape” or thinking “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.” Even Monty Python got in on it by coining the phrase “pining for the Fjords.”

Happiness in the Here and Now

What would it take to reverse the outlook, however? What if the grass was truly greener on our side of the fence? According to recent studies, Americans are generally satisfied with their lives overall but that happiness has begun to wane in recent decades. Luckily, the key to retaining that feeling of satisfaction is literally out the door, hiding in the design of our yard. 

Scientists suggest that when it comes to preserving or improving our own happiness, landscaping is actually one of the most effective methods in our arsenal. Not only do we get the satisfaction of creating a project and seeing it be completed, but plants literally have the ability to reduce our feelings of stress and increase our feelings of peace and comfort.

Investing in Beauty

In addition to the other services we are famous for throughout Utah, such as installing pergolas or designing chic outdoor kitchens, our landscaping architects at Cottonwood Landscapes are masters at designing for and around the greenery in your life. Our services fall into a few major categories that together cover everything from the ground you walk on to the trees overhead and more.

Grass and Turf

Providing great sod is only part of the journey. Ensuring that it takes well and that it remains healthy has as much to do with the preparation done on the ground as on its treatment afterward. Our team will:

  • Cut away weeds and old grass
  • Remove rocks
  • Loosen the soil with a hoe or tiller
  • Check the soil for nutrients to make sure it can take the sod well
  • Fertilize the soil before laying the sod


As with everything else in landscaping, there’s a right and wrong way to plant trees on your property. Firstly, we’ll work with you to ensure that as the trees mature to their full height they are always in line with your grander yard design. Then, it’s a matter of determining if that particular area of the yard is good for a tree to grow without a lot of upkeep from you. Our landscapers will:

  • Test the soil to make sure that any roots that grow there will be able to get the nutrients and depth that they need
  • Plant the tree so that your property achieves the maximum amount of coverage from its branches. This will ultimately save you money by keeping everything cool and not letting the sun scorch your grass.

Flower Beds

Part of the joy of taking your yard’s design into your own hands is having a say in determining the location of your flower beds. You can place a garden virtually anywhere you want to on the whole property and our team will see that you have the space to work. 

  • Flower beds are a great addition to any other type of project you’re working on, from putting in a fence to laying down hardscaping.
  • We can prepare the ground for flowers and create barriers between the beds and other features of the yard if you desire.

Shrubs and Bushes

Sometimes the most interesting part of a yard is the many beautiful bushes spaced along the perimeter of the home. Whether they are nestled right next to the house or are free-standing along the outer edge, near the sidewalk, shrubbery can add a fun sense of character to your yard. 

  • Besides putting in the bushes, Cottonwood Landscapes can help you maintain them with good grooming and shaping so that they stay beautiful.
  • If you eventually want to get rid of your bushes, or you would like to get rid of the bushes that the previous owner put in, our team can make that happen. We’ll make it look like there was never anything there to begin with.

No matter how you’d like your yard to look, we can help increase your sense of satisfaction in the home by helping you achieve your vision. From grass to trees and everything in between, our experienced crew of landscaping architects will make sure that everything looks and feels the best it can. Just give us a call for a consultation and we’ll get started transforming your property into the place of peace it was always meant to be.

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