4 Unique Planter Ideas to Inspire Your Summer

When you think of your ideal landscaping, it probably includes some sort of garden or greenery. Depending on your space, a large and luscious garden isn’t always attainable. However, even if you have a small space, or you think your landscaping is near perfect, there are always ways that you can add the plants that you want to your yard! Planters are a great way to add those small plants you want to your yard, without taking up a lot of space. Here are a few of our favorite unique planter ideas to give a try this summer.

Pallet planters


Almost everyone has an old pallet laying around somewhere. And if they don’t, they know someone who does. There are a lot of different ways to turn a pallet into a planter. But one of our favorite, and easy, ways to this is to screw worm clamps into the pallet slats. You can place flower pots into these worm clamps. You can then lean this pallet planter up anywhere you have a little free space. Against a wall, a fence, or even inside in the kitchen!


Hanging macrame planters


Embrace your boho side, and make an easy macrame planter! This works well with terra cotta pots. All you’ll need is some twisted polyester rope, a screw hook, and a carabiner. Create 4 sections of rope, and then feed them through the carabiner, and then double them over so there are 8 strands through the carabiner. Add knots in the strands to hold the pot in place, and secure it all at the bottom. You can also purchase pre-made macrame plant holders.


House number planters


Gather up a few of your favorite plants in some large, cement planters. You can either paint your house numbers onto them, or you can purchase the numbers from a craft store, and adhere them to the front of your pots with a heavy duty glue.


Use old paint cans


If you’re looking for something unique and out of the box, try turning some old paint cans into planters! Make some paint drips down the side of the paint cans in your preferred colors, and let dry completely. Then, add your favorite plants, and place your new and unique planters wherever you would like!

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