Considerations before Adding a Water Feature

Here at Cottonwood Landscaping, we’ve installed a lot of water features into beautiful landscapes. A water feature can add an extra element to your yard, elevating the overall effect to increase the soothing effect of the greenery. It can change an average yard into something extraordinary, and turn your yard into an oasis.

Tips for Gardening in a Small Space

So, you’d like to garden, but you don’t see how… not when all you have for a “yard” is a tiny patch of soil. Perhaps you don’t even have a yard. Or maybe your yard is occupied by a child play zone, and you don’t want to have kids galloping over your tomatoes. Well, the […]

How to Keep Deer Away this Winter

Foraging deer

Although spotting a beautiful white-tailed deer in your backyard can feel exciting at first, any seasoned gardener knows what that sight really means… havoc for your garden and landscaping. Deer (and foraging rabbits) have some favorite plants, but the truth is that once it’s late winter and early summer, food sources are scarce, and nothing […]

Ordering Seeds for Spring Planting

Seed packets

Winter is usually the time that us gardeners tend to sit by the window, dreaming of the elaborate gardens that we’ll have in the summer. While you’re craving a glimpse of green, your favorite activity might be thumbing through seed catalogs, plotting the different species that you’re going to try out this year.

Most Popular Gardening Trends for 2017

Purple bench

The plants are hibernating under the ground, and you’re no longer spending time out in the yard planting, harvesting, and weeding. However, that doesn’t mean that your green thumb is wholly at rest. In the wake of New Year’s resolutions, and with time to strategize before planting season, January is the perfect month to plan […]

Plants to Give Your Yard Winter Color

Holly in snow

Winter yards can look bleak and dismal. All the verdigris is lost from landscape that looked lush and thriving in the summer. However, winter has its own beauty, and you can capitalize on that by considering all four seasons when you’re doing planting in your yard. Color in the winter probably won’t come from flowers. […]

Set Up a Bird Feeder this Winter

bird feeder

During the winter, birds’ usual food sources become more limited. Most insects go into hibernation, and earthworms are buried under piles of snow and frozen ground. As buds, greenery, and seeds or nuts stop growing, birds look harder and harder for alternate food sources. That’s what makes winter the perfect season to set up a […]

Preventing Winter Damage to Your Yard

Yard maintenance

The growing season is over, and it’s time to plan for freezing winter temperatures. Hopefully you’ve already brought any delicate potted plants indoors, and there’s salt and a snow shovel near at hand. There are also some measures that you’ll want to take in your yard to protect from the howling wind, snow, and sub-zero […]

Plant Bulbs and Perennials Now for Spring Color

Although most of us only think about planting our flowerbeds in the springtime, the truth is that fall usually works just as well. In fact, there are some distinct advantages to planting in the fall that spring can’t boast.

When to Buy Produce

Fresh produce

Buying produce can rack up quite the bill, even though they is necessary to keep you and your family healthy.  However, you can save quite a bit of cash if you buy fruits and vegetables that are in season.  Not only that, but if you buy produce when it is in season, it will be […]