Landscape Design Ideas for Utah Yards

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In Utah, we experience all our seasons to the fullest! As a result, it can be tricky to pick the right landscape designs that will survive dry, hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Luckily, Cottonwood Landscapes has years of experience designing outdoor spaces to incorporate a variety of vegetation, hardscapes, and water features so your yard thrives year-round.

Use Native Plants

We’re always touting the benefits of using native plants in your yard. This will ensure that you’re not spending unnecessary time and resources helping a plant thrive; instead, your plants will flourish because they’re hearty enough to withstand both soaring and plunging temps. Also, plants native to Utah can survive on less water while still maintaining their foliage and blooms.

For more tips on planting a water-wise yard in Utah, check out a previous blog article we shared HERE. It also contains lists of native plants so you can get started mapping out your yard design.

You can still have variety in your yard by adding potted plants. Being able to switch out annuals each year will bring diversity to your space allowing you to complement the more permanent features of your yard.

Incorporate Hardscaping

Decks, pergolas, fire pits, pathways, and outdoor kitchens are some of our specialties at Cottonwood Landscapes. Not only are they great ways to make your yard work hard year-round, but they’re beautiful design elements. 

Hardscaping such as retaining walls can transform your Utah yard into a more functional space; yards nestled into the foothills of the mountain ranges can provide challenges when it comes to leveling the terrain. Instead of working against the incline, work with it. Our experts can also build multi-level decks to help you get the best views and maximize the space you have around your home.

Not sure what type of hardscaping is right for your Utah property? Here is a sampling of what Cottonwood Landscapes has to offer:

  • Wood and composite decks – Platform, multilevel, two-story, or raised level.
  • Fire pits and fireplaces 
  • Paver and flagstone laying – Walkways, stairs, patios, and walls.
  • Retaining walls – Pavers, flagstone, boulders, bricks, dry stacks, wood ties, concrete, or segmental blocks. We can also finish your wall with a stain, stucco, or veneer.
  • Pergolas – Gable, sail, skillion, or open top.
  • Building and patio covers 
  • Sheds and outdoor buildings 

We can help you mix and match different hardscapes to support the existing aesthetic of your home, or set the tone for a remodel.

Add Water Features

Bring more movement and texture to your landscaping with water features. Whether it’s a pool, pond, fountain, or stream, Cottonwood can make it happen. The water features we design and install offer both function and beauty to provide you with a place to relax, exercise, or watch wildlife in your yard. 

If you don’t know where to start, Cottonwood Landscapes can help you come up with a custom water feature within your budget. We not only install, but we can maintain and repair them as needed. 

Not sure if a pool is right for your yard? Refer to our blog article HERE that covers some of the questions you should ask yourself about adding a swimming pool.

Consider Ambiance and Comfort

Retaining walls may be necessary for your yard, but you might still want to soften their appearance. At Cottonwood, we can install climbing plants that bring walls to life. Whether you just want some greenery or you want something that flowers, Cottonwood Landscapes can help you complement or disguise some of the hardscaping on your property.

Another element that adds to the comfort and ambiance of your outdoor living space is lighting. It’s an element many homeowners and businesses might overlook when it comes to landscape design. We know how important it is to provide lighting for outdoor gatherings on summer nights or illuminate walkways and entries for security. Let our team help you design low-voltage landscape lighting that adds to the beauty and safety of your home and yard.

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