Water Features to Use in Landscaping

When you picture water features, does your mind immediately go to statues of cherubs or gargoyles spilling water from their mouths? Whether that’s your style or not, there is more to using water as a design element in your landscaping.

Types of Water Features We Offer

At Cottonwood Landscapes, we want to work with you to create the yard of your dreams. Our experts offer a variety of water features so you can have a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.

Water Fountains

Do you dream of having a stately fountain welcoming guests to the front of your home? What about a more diminutive one nestled amongst a bed of wildflowers? Whatever your vision, Cottonwood Landscapes wants to help! In Utah’s arid climate, it can be nice to have a sustainable feature such as a fountain that recycles water. 

Some homeowners install a fountain to drown out street noise, welcome wildlife, or provide a cooler place to sit and enjoy the yard on a hot day. Regardless of your motivation for adding a fountain, Cottonwood Landscapes can ensure it’s done well, and ready for whatever weather Utah throws at it.


With or without fish, a pond can elevate your yard to new heights. It’s a great site for a variety of vegetation and can provide a safe drinking spot for native wildlife such as birds and bees. Your pond can include a waterfall or a fountain to make it an even more stunning addition to the yard. Let us know what kind of statement you want your water feature to make, and we’ll get to work flushing out a design.


Not all of us can live near a gurgling mountain stream, although it’s entirely possible in Utah! If you want to get a feel for mountain living in the most urban of neighborhoods, let’s consider adding a water feature such as an artificial stream. Whether it’s purely decorative or serves a purpose for other parts of the yard, an organically winding stream can bring form and function.

Swimming Pools

It goes without saying that in Utah, a backyard pool is a bonus in the summer months. Take the hassle out of going swimming by bringing the pool to you! A custom swimming pool not only makes your yard a fun hangout, but it can completely change the vibe of your outdoor living area.

Cottonwood Landscapes considers all design elements of adding a pool, including safety fencing and appropriate surfacing around the splash zone. In addition to the necessary fencing, we can also help you design and implement privacy around your pool with sunshades, pergolas, or vegetation.


We can help you incorporate a waterfall into a swimming pool, a pond, or as a standalone feature in your landscaping. Pondless waterfalls consist of a continuous stream of water that loops from the top of the feature to the bottom, then right back up again.

Benefits of Water Features in Landscaping

Variety is the spice of life, and having waterscapes in your yard offers just that. Moving water not only offers soothing sounds but is an ever-changing element to visually drink in. Besides being beautiful, here are some of what we consider the benefits of having water features in your landscaping.


Break up hardscaping and vegetation with something that’s not only visually stimulating but appeals to your auditory senses as well. Water provides a soothing soundtrack for your yard, whether it’s a gently bubbling fountain or a more formidable splash from a waterfall.

Focal Point

You can direct the eye to certain parts of your yard with a flowing stream or a standalone fountain and pond. The backyard pool can be the star of the show, and a waterfall can take it from a casual kid hangout spot to an elegant retreat for the grownups. Create a focal point in your yard with any type of water feature you prefer.

Boost the Natural Ecosystem

You might not want anything that attracts more bugs or animals to your yard, but there is such a thing as “good” critters! Fresh water is a valuable asset for honeybees, dragonflies, and birds. These pollinators are necessary in any garden, so offering them a safe, clean place to stop for a sip can ensure your flowers, fruits, and vegetables continue to thrive.



Whatever unique water element you’d like to add to your yard, Cottonwood Landscapes wants to help you make it happen. With have over twenty years of experience as Utah landscapers, so get in touch and see how our team can customise your yard.

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