How To Create the Perfect Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen in backyard

Your backyard should be a sanctuary— What is more comforting than the beauty of nature and a home-cooked meal? Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as a way to combine the healing properties of the outdoors with the communion that comes from sharing a meal—all with the convenience of staying on your own property!

As a minimalistic and modern look becomes increasingly popular in living spaces, outdoor kitchens are keeping up with the trend. To create the perfect contemporary kitchen, pay attention to the following elements and stir in some of your personal style as you make each choice in your design: 

Style and Color Scheme

  • Sharp Edges and Clean Shapes for a Sleek Look

The shapes you choose to display in your outdoor kitchen are key in creating a contemporary feel. Clean lines in your appliances and other aspects of your design will complement one another, not only making your space feel contemporary but cohesive.

  • Personalize Your Palette and Make it Modern

A neutral color palette makes for a modern look—so black, white, beige, and any tones between may be your best bet. Your space should reflect your style, though, so choose particular shades that reflect your personality, and don’t be afraid to add some pops of color.

Layout and Lighting 

  • Foster an Open Feel in Your Outdoor Design

A feeling of openness is essential to creating a contemporary look. To accomplish this, leave plenty of room to breathe in the layout of your outdoor kitchen and let it bask in natural light. This will allow it to feel larger and more modern.

  • Get Fantastic Lighting with LEDs, Lanterns, and Fire 

When it comes to creating a cozy, contemporary ambiance, lighting is of utmost importance. There are plenty of outdoor lighting options that produce low light, such as string lights, lanterns, and fire installations. These will foster a comfortable atmosphere and complement your chosen color palette. 

Flooring, Cabinetry, and Countertops

  • Keep It Clean with Contemporary Kitchen Flooring 

It is not only necessary for a contemporary kitchen to have a ‘clean’ look, but also to be kept physically clean and tidy. Flooring such as a polished deck will make it easy to sweep up after a social gathering, so you’re ready for more fun to come.

  • Support Your Look with Stainless Steel and Stone

To create contrast with a neutral color palette, opt for stainless steel or similar cabinetry— especially if you choose matte finishes in appliances or other aspects of your space. Sleek stone countertops will also add to your modern appeal, lasting a lifetime and livening up your space.

Shelter and Sun Protection 

  • Stay Cool and Comfortable with a Chic Pergola

If you live in a climate like that of Utah, you’ll want to protect yourself from the elements, preventing extreme weather from getting in the way of your enjoyment. A pergola is both chic and protective, keeping you cozy during cookouts and more.

  • Defend Against the Elements with Decorative Drapery

Once you’ve determined your overall layout and design, put the finishing details on your contemporary kitchen by adding drapery to your pergola or perimeter. This will provide you with both additional protection and decoration. 

Stoves and Appliances

  • Get Crafty with Grills, Taps, Smokers, and Stoves

This is the best part— Whether you prefer traditional backyard barbecues or like to get crafty by brewing beer or smoking meat, there are an array of appliances to suit your style. By choosing grills, stoves, taps, and smokers that complement your tastes, you’ll not only improve your look but also your lifestyle.

  • Make Cooking Convenient with Modern Appliances

Make your backyard living room even more convenient by equipping it with outdoor fridges, freezers, and sinks. This will make it easy to access ingredients and refreshments at a moment’s notice, so you can spend time enjoying your outdoor kitchen oasis. 

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