10 Innovative Ideas To Give Your Patio An Upgrade

A patio with a seating area, a dining table, and an outdoor kitchen.

A patio is a lovely addition to any home, but many homeowners find themselves unsure of what to do with their patio space. Rather than letting a beautiful deck or balcony go to waste, here are just a few patio ideas to finally make the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. From quick fixes like patio furniture and accent colors to full overhauls, you’re bound to be inspired to spruce up your patio with these ideas.

1. Use Greenery For Decor And Privacy

Whether you have a small outdoor space with your apartment or a large deck overlooking your property, the addition of plants are just the thing to bring it together. Growing bamboo or tall shrubs is a great way to wall off your space, as are trellises for a bit of hardscaping and landscaping combined. Meanwhile, potted plants can add brightness to any size patio. And don’t leave all the herbs in your garden–instead, plant some on your patio both for convenience and to add a pop of life to your outdoor space.

2. Get Creative With Seating

While classic wrought iron chairs and matching side tables are timeless and elegant, that’s far from the only choice you have when it comes to seating. Instead, look into accent chairs–artsy ones can make a bold statement, and lush lounge chairs add a cozy sort of elegance to outdoor spaces. 

You can even add built-in seating right into your deck’s design, or add some levels with bar stools and tables. Or, for a real statement piece, a swinging outdoor sofa can bring whimsical–yet functional–flair to your patio furnishing.

3. Add Lighting–Including Firelight

Just a little bit of light can make all the difference with an outdoor patio, making it just as lovely at night as it is during the day. You don’t need to be fancy (though you certainly can be if it fits your aesthetic) for your lighting to have a big effect on your patio–hanging lights or lanterns make a beautiful yet low-maintenance statement.

Adding a fire element has the added effect of providing warmth as well as light during cold nights. While a heater would work, there’s something lovely about a crackling fire on a chilly night to make a patio extra cozy. Whether you opt for a fire bowl, a full fire pit or even install an entire fireplace on your deck, it’ll make it the perfect outdoor hangout–for both warm days and cool nights.

4. Make It An Extension Of Your Home

Your patio doesn’t have to be an entirely separate space. Bring interior design outdoors by using your patio to act as an outdoor extension of the room it’s attached to–create an outdoor living room with comfortable furniture, plenty of lighting, and even an outdoor rug. Or extend your dining room to accommodate for large dinner parties, adding elements you can’t fit indoors–like an outdoor bar or fireplace.

You can even have your patio act as an extension of your kitchen with a sink, a pizza oven, or even an entire outdoor kitchen set up right on your patio. For beachside properties or pool owners, you could add an outdoor shower as well to keep your indoor bathroom safe from sand and chlorine.

5. Go Monochrome

Want to update your patio without too much hardscaping? Give it a new look with a monochrome color scheme. Getting started is easy: all you need is some new patio decor and a can of paint or two. Go all-white for a stunning, modern look, embrace a neutral color palette for a uniform, low-maintenance look, or embrace shades of blues or greens to create a peaceful outdoor living space. 

6. Themed Decor

Go a step further with a patio decor overhaul with an entire theme for your outdoor space. Not only is this a great option for a visually stunning deck, but it can also enhance the feel of the space for you and your guests, making a tailored experience every time you entertain.

Just a few potential themes to consider are:

  • Cozy rustic
  • Hidden garden
  • Mediterranean getaway
  • Beachside oasis
  • Modern minimalist

And whatever else you can imagine!

Using statement pieces, decor like firepits and water features, and some planning, you’ll be able to have a unified outdoor space built specifically to your wants that looks and feels cohesive.

7. Maximize Your Vistas With Multiple Levels

Did you know your patio doesn’t have to be one slab of wood in your backyard? Look into creating multiple levels for more space and, if you’re lucky enough to be in a picturesque location, a place to enjoy a stunning view.

You can accentuate your vistas even more with cable-steel wire fences. These keep your space safe from any potential tumbles–which is especially good for your higher level porch–while allowing minimal obscuring of your view.

8. Turn Your Space Into A Resort Getaway

Enjoy your next staycation in style by turning your patio into a relaxation station. Simple additions like large resort-style umbrellas next to chaise lounges, hammocks, and covered daybeds can provide excellent options for an afternoon siesta.

Add in some vacation-friendly decor like peaceful fountains, tropical plants, and bright accent pillows for a full resort experience. You won’t even want to leave during your next holiday!

9. Create A Private Nook

Is there anything as charming as a private nook for one or two? Whether you want to create a private space for your morning coffee or a pretty little brunching spot for you and a friend, using pretty metal dividers, tall plants, or simple wooden walls on your patio can create a little hidden place that you can keep your little secret.

10. Plan Your Space Before You Start Building

This may seem like common sense, but many people who build or upgrade their homes just add a patio because of course a home has a patio, and then they have no idea what to do with the space once construction is finished. By planning what you want to use your patio space for before construction, you’ll be able to avoid the “now what” that many homeowners face with their outdoor spaces. You can chat with your contractor or landscaper to get a picture of what will work best with your space.

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