2022 Landscape Design Trends for Your Backyard

designed landscape with plants

While experimental gardening is now quite popular, some of the most popular landscaping styles to emerge in 2022 include an emphasis on the environment, natural animal gardens, and kitchen gardens, all of which tie into one common topic this year: sustainability. So, if you want to preserve your yard while making maintenance easier and more environmentally friendly, these top landscaping trends are for you.

1. Landscaping with Low Carbon

Low-carbon in practically every element of our life is becoming trendy. It’s critical to source all-local materials, furniture, fertilizers, and other items. Gardening is considered to have numerous mental health advantages, including stress and anxiety reduction.

2. Gardening for Wildlife in the Neighborhood

Wildlife has suffered greatly as a result of fires and ongoing construction. Wildlife will have access to water, nectar, and other resources if we build our gardens with them in mind. Designing the landscape for wildlife will bring lovely butterflies, birds, and other friendly neighbors into the scene for a unique experience as we spend more time in our gardens and patios.

3. Gardening using Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

The topic for landscaping trends in 2022 appears to be eco-friendly materials and designs. The sky’s the limit when it comes to repurposing materials; you may mix and match different materials or include leftover home objects for a truly unique design.

Recycling diverts goods from landfills and reduces your carbon footprint, so crushing material for pathways serves many objectives. Furthermore, permeable paths eliminate the usage of concrete, which causes rain runoff. Seedlings can be protected from the wind and cold by using plastic water bottles as cloches.

4. Gardening for Food

Growing your own food has become more popular than ever. There are numerous advantages. You can manage the growth process by going organic or avoiding the use of pesticides, in addition to having the freshest fruits and vegetables. Plant in elevated beds for easier access and better drainage. Reduce the water-hungry grass lawn monoculture by converting your lawn to garden space.

5. Changes in the Climate

Xeriscaping and the utilization of native and drought-tolerant plants are especially vital in hot, dry, fire-prone areas. Reduce the quantity of sap-filled plants near your home, or at the very least relocate them far away.

Stone or gravel paths serve as a firebreak as well as a means of reducing rain runoff. Create swales to transport water away from flood plains and rain gardens for stormwater mitigation. For erosion control, plant slopes and hillsides. Reduce your use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in all areas.

6. Include native plants

Native plants attract pollinators and provide habitat for wildlife in the area. They’re a crucial part of any xeriscaping strategy for conserving water. Native plants should not require fertilizer or pesticides, which is beneficial to the environment. They’ll also help to prevent erosion. Native plants should thrive in your landscape, however other plants may struggle in the absence of the proper temperature, light, soil, and rainfall.

7. Happiness and Good Health

Outdoor rooms contribute to a sense of well-being, joy, and health. Including amenities like a fire pit that promote private gatherings of friends and family, as well as soothing elements like a water feature. Landscape design should include gathering and eating areas, as well as soothing lighting and lush vegetation.

8. Transformational environments

The best backyards are built to transition from day to night, thereby doubling the size of your living space. Make arrangements for snack stations that double as evening beverage bars or laid-back seating areas that morph into warm campfire locations after the sun sets this year. Take family movie evenings to new heights with a patio that transforms from a sun trap to an outdoor cinema.

9. Forms that are organic

Organic designs that take influences from interior design and mimic the natural flow of the surrounding landscape are one of the trendiest outdoor themes for 2022. To create an appealing contrast, combine rounder forms and attractive flora with more structural components like asphalt.

10. Outdoor kitchens fit for a chef

Create an outdoor kitchen beneath a covered patio that can cater to both summer barbecues and nice fireside feasts, or an outdoor lounge that can host everything from cocktails to dinner parties.
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