Fall Gardening Tips, Part 1

Fall is a beautiful and fun time of year. But to the inexperienced gardener, it may cause more stress than joy. Fall is the season where most of your plants start to die, and if you aren’t sure what to do to preserve them, you may find yourself starting over when the snow melts and […]

Benefits of Kids Playing Outside More

Four kids playing outside

Children today are playing outside less than they ever have. This isn’t their fault, by any means. There are so many things that compete for a kid’s attention, that it is difficult to know where to look! Before the age of computers and smartphones, the outdoors were a primary source of entertainment for children, which […]

Create a Stunning Entryway

Well-maintained front yard walkway

Although it isn’t a process that we think much about, the pathway from your street to your doorway is the ultimate statement about your home. During this walk, visitors will decide everything that they need to know about how you’re welcoming them, how you care for your house and yard, and what that says about […]

November Planting

Typically when you think of gardening, you imagine that it is a spring and summer activity.  However, there are quite a few things that you can plant and grow through the winter.  In fact, winter planting can help grow your heartier plants, as there are less pests to eat your young seedlings.  Make sure to […]

5 Must-Try Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Recipes

You love summer, and for good reason. Between adventurous hikes through the Uintas, relaxing evenings at the Redwood DriveIn, and lively road trips to Moab or Lake Powell, Utah offers a lot to do and see during the summer. But when you’re not exploring, you crave relaxation and solitude. That’s where your backyard comes in. […]

3 Landscape Design Ideas

You just built your dream home and you are thrilled to move in. Everything looks just as you had imagined-except for the yard. Looking at the bare dirt surrounding your beautiful house is overwhelming. Where do you start? Here are a few tips to help you find a landscape you’ll love and some styles to […]

Top 7 Backyard Design Trends for 2015

Another Utah summer is just around the corner, and as 2015 heats up, you dream of backyard barbecues and relaxing days by the pool. But there are just a few problems: your backyard is in disrepair, and you don’t actually have a pool. You want to revamp and refresh your backyard, but you don’t know […]

Legendary Trees to Inspire Your Landscape

As you select trees for your landscape design, you need to consider variables like tree shape, soil makeup, yard size, climate, and growth rate. While these details are essential to creating a long-lasting and beautiful landscape, they may not be enough to help you choose the perfect trees for your yard. If you need a little […]