Water Feature Ideas for Utah Backyards

water features for utah

Spring is around the corner, so it’s time to consider fresh landscape designs for your yard. If you want to add instant curb appeal, consider adding a water feature to your property. Choosing the right kind can create a welcoming focal point in any garden.

Types of Water Features

There are a variety of water features to choose from, ranging from built in to freestanding. Being in Utah, it can be refreshing to have a form of moving water in the yard. Here are some popular water features many homeowners welcome in their yards:

  • Ponds: With or without fish, ponds make a beautiful, peaceful addition to your outdoor space.
  • Pools: Reflecting and ornamental pools help highlight a central feature in the yard. Reflecting pools are designed to allow an image of another garden element to be viewed on a glass-like surface, while ornamental pools typically include a fountain or statue around which the pool is designed. 
  • Water Gardens: This type of water feature showcases aquatic plants both in and out of the water.
  • Fountains: Whether self-contained or incorporated in a pool or pond, fountains can serve as a focal point in any landscape design. They can even be incorporated into birdbaths.
  • Waterfalls: Bring movement to your garden with a waterfall, built with either natural stones or cut slabs. 
  • Streams: Install a stream in your landscape to feed a waterfall, keep a pond refreshed, or simply keep you company with its babbling. 

Which Water Feature is Best for You?

Talk with your professional landscape designer to brainstorm the best water feature for your property. Take into consideration the size of your yard, your budget, your climate and how much effort you’d like to put forth to maintain the installation.

Water Features for Small Spaces

If you have limited space, your yard can still have the feeling of luxury. Fountains and small ponds can create an oasis in the arid Utah climate. Water gardens are another good choice for small areas because you can use 30 to 40-gallon water-tight containers instead of installing an in-ground pond. 

Water-Wise Water Features

Since most water features continually recycle water, they can be both a budget-friendly and water-wise garden option. For example, a water garden may only need topping off occasionally, making it a sustainable garden option for Utah.

Low Maintenance Water Features

A small-scale version of a pond makes a pleasing, low maintenance water feature for your outdoor space. Additionally, fountains require little effort to maintain while still adding elegance, as do waterfalls. Reflecting pools and ornamental pools are also ideal for low maintenance gardeners. With the proper setup, a pump can do the dirty work for you and signal to a water source that it’s time to refill.

Hopefully, this helps you decide on the best water feature for your home. No matter what you choose, you’ll be delighted by the sights and sounds that moving water brings to your yard. Need suggestions for your backyard? Give the team at Cottonwood Landscapes a call. We’ve helped many homeowners find the perfect water features for their space that work with their lifestyle. 

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