Best Water Features For Your Backyard

When it comes to landscape design, one of the most stunning components you can have, is a water feature. Whether it’s for fun, like a pool, or purely just for aesthetics, such as a koi pond, we know that adding a water feature will take your yard from mediocre to the talk of the neighborhood.

Swimming pools


The summers can get really hot here in Utah, and a swimming pool is one of the perfect ways to combat this. It doesn’t have to be a large pool to be a huge source of fun for the whole family.


Hot Tubs


If you want a place to relax, and a swimming pool isn’t really the most appealing option to you, a hot tub is the perfect solution. Easy to maintain and store, and can be used year round when your pool is covered and the weather is too cold.




A pond is a gorgeous water feature for your yard, no matter the size. The great thing about a pond is that the size is entirely customizable. You can choose to have a small pond tucked away in a corner of your backyard, or you can have a larger pond and even invite a family of ducks to stop by.


Koi Pond


Another great kind of pond to consider, is a koi pond. A koi pond is stunning, and it’s a statement and a topic of conversation for when guests come over to your home. It requires more maintenance and care than a regular pond, especially during the winter months, but the extra effort is worth it.


Water Garden


Have you always wanted to combine your love for gardening with your desire for a stunning aquatic feature in your yard? Then a water garden is the perfect solution for you. What is a water garden? It’s a garden with water features, such as small waterfalls and ponds, where you grow aquatic plants rather than traditional plants. A water garden is a great way to diversify your yard in a beautiful way.




If the idea of a still water feature in your yard isn’t really what you want, a fountain is a great water feature for you. You can choose the size, the style, and the location, and we’ll do the rest. It’s an easy way to make a big statement. You can choose a large fountain that is the center of attention in your yard, or you can choose something smaller, with more of a trickle of water, over natural rock formations. A fountain is easily customizable to whatever you want it to be.

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