Life Goes Swimmingly With a Pool

Swimming pool

Much like the saying that those with a truck are never spared “opportunities to serve” their neighbors when they move, there is a similar (albeit positive) acknowledgment that those who grew up with swimming pools never wanted for friends or a place to hang out. And why would they? Anciently, the bathhouse was the place […]

Maintaining Pools and Ponds During the Cold Months

Pond maintenance during the winter.

From an aerial view above cities like Las Vegas or Phoenix, it appears that just about every home comes equipped with a swimming pool.  That makes sense.  We’re not sure how anyone could survive the desert heat of Arizona or Nevada without one.  We’re starting to see a trend here in Utah, though, as well.  […]

Considerations before Adding a Water Feature

Here at Cottonwood Landscaping, we’ve installed a lot of water features into beautiful landscapes. A water feature can add an extra element to your yard, elevating the overall effect to increase the soothing effect of the greenery. It can change an average yard into something extraordinary, and turn your yard into an oasis.

Water Features for Your Landscape

Water features are an often overlooked option for landscaping, but they can truly round out a space and turn a backyard into an outdoor retreat. And with the gentle sounds of rushing water, you’ll never want to leave your landscape. Here is brief guide to the many options for water features that you can have […]

Above-Ground or In-Ground Pools: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve wanted to install a pool in your backyard for quite some time now. And with summer temperatures in the high 90s this season, you feel more determined than ever to bring your dream into reality. You’ve triple-checked your budget to make sure that you have the appropriate funds, and you even asked the local […]