Life Goes Swimmingly With a Pool

Swimming pool

Much like the saying that those with a truck are never spared “opportunities to serve” their neighbors when they move, there is a similar (albeit positive) acknowledgment that those who grew up with swimming pools never wanted for friends or a place to hang out. And why would they? Anciently, the bathhouse was the place where emperors mingled with commoners, businessmen struck deals, the infirm could exercise, and gossip was the plat-du-jour. Today, not much has changed, apart from obvious improvements to public hygiene. 

While swimming pools are more a staple of necessity in states like Arizona and California, where temperatures can routinely reach triple digits, Utah swimming pools come off as much more of a luxury, and therefore something entirely more special. Despite the social credibility that often accompanies a property with a swimming pool in its yard design, many homeowners must still be convinced that a pool is more than a typical extravagance, to be little more than a landscaping decoration. In truth, there are numerous benefits to having a pool in the backyard.

A Pool Your Way

Utah may be the rose that blossomed in the desert, but it’s still a desert, even nestled as it is in the arms of the Wasatch Mountains. Being the beneficiaries of all four seasons, being a Utahn means experiencing hot summer days and cold winter nights. Happily, Cottonwood Landscapes can design and build for any type of swimming pool. 

  • Want an outdoor pool with a nearby gazebo for the hot tub? We can do that. 
  • Would you prefer a patio cover big enough to cover the entire pool in a semi-closed space? We can make that happen. 
  • Want your pool to achieve a certain shape or depth to best compliment a particular dream? We have the tools and the expertise to accommodate your yard design.

However you want to experience the fun of swimming in the backyard, our team of landscaping experts can see it done. We have experience putting in pools all over the state.

Unending Fun, 20’x40’

Besides the relative ease of getting the pool you’ve dreamed of built by experienced craftsmen, what are the long-term benefits of diving into swimming pool ownership? As it turns out, there are more than a few:

  • Promotes healthiness: Swimming is one of the most enriching ways to exercise because of its low impact and high resistance. Muscles you didn’t even know existed will be tested and swimming has proven to increase cardiovascular and pulmonary health substantially. With a swimming pool in the back, it can quickly become one of the most crucial additions to your home gym. 
  • Encourages fraternity: As has already been mentioned, kids who grow up with swimming pools often find making friends to be an easier prospect. That doesn’t have to pertain only to young adults, however. Pool parties can be just as fun for adults who incorporate grilling and games.
  • Raises the property value: Swimming pools are a great way to increase the asking price for your home if you ever decide to sell it. A pool that is beautifully kept historically represents a wise investment, as the yard design encourages a more three-dimensional use of the property. A pool allows homeowners to do more at their house, both indoors and out.

Despite the cost for basic upkeep, a pool largely represents a one-time purchase that can ultimately increase your savings long-term, as your family may opt for more staycations so as to play at home. When it comes to installing a pool in a Utah yard, Cottonwood Landscapes is the foremost expert; not only we get the job done quickly, but we have the experience needed to help you make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Give us a call any time for a quote

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