Ways to Use Pavers in Your Yard

A contractor lays out pavers to be installed as a pathway.

A beautifully landscaped yard is a mix of soft and hard materials. Vegetation, stone, and wood all come together seamlessly to create visual interest and function for your space. At Cottonwood Landscapes, we focus on landscaping and hardscaping that brings luxury and function together.

Pavers are an ideal way to accent your yard’s best features, or they can stand out on their own. Our team can help you incorporate pavers in myriad ways, whether they’re natural stone or formed from cement.

Types of Paver Stones

Pavers, also known as paving stones, can be made of different materials, including brick, concrete, or stone. They’re durable and customizable as a landscaping product, whether they’re natural or manufactured.

The beauty of pavers is that they can come in many different sizes, perfect for whatever project you have in mind. When installed properly, they provide efficient drainage while bringing style to your yard.

Landscaping Ideas for Paver Stone

Besides just laying pavers for a pathway, what are some other good uses of paving stones in landscaping? We have some ideas to get you started. Feel free to consult with our landscape design team to pick the perfect installation method for your outdoor oasis.


For the primary path leading to the front door or for secondary paths around your property, pavers make a fantastic choice. Whether you have them laid as stepping stones or a solid, defined path, paving stones can lead you and your guests around the yard with ease. 

Pavers can be laid geometrically or in more whimsical patterns to complement the aesthetic you’re going for, whether it’s a quaint English garden design or something more modern. Spacing between pavers can also alter the look of your yard; filling in gaps with moss vs pea gravel can enhance the textures and color palette of your landscape and provide exceptional drainage.


Well-laid pavers can create an elegant and practical driveway. Worried about snow removal or traction? When the right paver materials are installed correctly, you have a perfect surface that provides both visual interest without compromising the ease with which you can navigate a shovel or snowblower. 

For a paver walkway or driveway and driveways, we recommend flagstone pavers since they’re both durable and slip-resistant. Hand-stamped concrete is also a good choice since the added texture can provide grip underfoot in wet weather.


Instead of a giant slab of concrete, why not install pavers for a patio? Depending on how the pavers are laid, they can help define different areas of your yard, designating seating or food prep areas. The beauty of pavers is they can create an elegant or rustic patio for you to enjoy, simply based on their shape, size, color, and the orientation in which they’re installed. 

Whether you have a luxury outdoor kitchen on your patio or want to incorporate some hopscotch pavers for the kids, you can have the outdoor living space of your dreams when you start with paving stones as your foundation.


A firepit can make your backyard a cozy gathering space even when the summer nights come to a close. You can create a custom fire pit using pavers to not only lay the groundwork but to actually build up the structure. 

Pavers provide a fire-resistant surface around the fire pit and can be stacked to form the fire pit itself. 


Want additional seating around your patio or firepit? Pavers can provide a sturdy and beautiful solution. For a seamless look, create bench seating with the same pavers used in walkways and patios around your property. Or, add to the visual interest of your yard by varying the materials or hues used. Pavers can also be used to cap off retaining walls or borders to provide a place to perch while soaking up the beauty your yard has to offer.

Pool Deck

When you pick the right materials for pavers around the pool, you get a slip-resistant surface that creates the perfect focal point. Granite and travertine are two of the most popular choices for pool decks since they’re durable and provide grip under wet feet. When picking pavers for around the pool, it’s also important to consider which materials won’t get too hot; limestone can be a great choice in that regard.

If you have questions about which materials are safest to use around the pool, get in touch with Cottonwood Landscapes today.


Pavers make great edging material to help define a garden bed or pathway. They can be installed flush with the lawn, or at angles to play with height. 

Highlight Other Landscaping Features

Do you have a water fountain, gazebo, or other feature in your yard that’s overlooked? Use pavers to draw the eye to them! You could create a stepping stone path through your yard, or lay pavers like a patio around them. 

For more ideas, feel free to get in touch with Cottonwood Landscapes today. Let’s work together to add curb appeal and value to your property.

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