Get Decked Out! Upgrading Your Patio In Style

Custom deck with patio furniture

In all great architecture, there is a focal point around which the whole building is centered. This might not be the literal center of the structure, but it is the ideological center that adds cohesion and focus to the building, infusing the whole place with a particular aura, a je ne sais quoi that is more felt than seen. The master builders of the great cathedrals of Europe understood this, as well as the architects of mosques, monuments, and tabernacles throughout the globe. When the people come, they will be drawn where to go. 

Design within the domestic space is an interesting thing, however, because we in the modern-day live our lives most definitively in two places — outside and inside. That isn’t to say our forebears didn’t go indoors from outdoors or spend all day in one place or another, but rather that our manner of living isn’t as intrinsically connected to nature anymore. We can perform all the business of our lives without ever having to step out onto the lawn. As such, there actually becomes two centers — two hearts of the property, if you will — that represents the duality of our habitation. Inside, it’s the kitchen; outside, the deck.

Deck Landscaping 2.0

For a place as important as the outdoor patio, having it match the updates to your yard design is crucial, as your family will likely be spending most of their time there. Birthdays, BBQs, receptions, and family gatherings will all be experienced out on the deck, and Cottonwood Landscapes is prepared to do its part to help you make it the happiest part of your property. When considering ways in which to update the deck, it might be beneficial to review the most popular ways other homeowners have tackled similar projects.

  1. Rethink the Stairs: So often when decks are built, the stairs end up descending too close to the door or wrapping awkwardly around the side without leaving room for many chairs or a table. The stairs themselves, meanwhile, are usually narrow and are strictly functional instead of aesthetically pleasing. By moving the stairs or widening them, the deck itself will feel more spacious. 
  2. Add Lights: Speaking of changing the stairs, imagine footlights that are embedded into the steps for safety and beauty. There are many ways in which Cottonwood Landscapes can help light the deck so that it remains functional well into the night. 
  3. Add Windows: Have you ever heard of a deck with windows? With a pergola over the patio, windows or screens can be set up, connected between the hanging covering and the banisters. They don’t need to be airtight, but some creative glasswork could make the whole space feel private without sacrificing airflow or turning the patio into an oven.
  4. Strengthen the Deck: Some updates aren’t as romantic as they are simply practical. Bringing in experts to help you with your landscaping and make sure that the wood and the support columns are of good quality is essential. Ultimately, you’re going to want your deck around for the long haul, and shoring it up periodically is wise.

This is simply a small taste of all the ways that one could go about updating their deck. For a more comprehensive planning session, feel free to give Cottonwood Landscapes a call for a formal consultation about your yard design and ways you can improve it going into the new decade. 

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