Landscaping Ideas for Backyard Sports

Playing with the old pigskin outside.One of the great joys of having a backyard is having the space for fun and activities. Sometimes, this simply means a great place to relax, have food, and enjoy the company of friends and family. However, it can just as easily mean a great place for athletic fun and games! A big stretch of grass can become a haven for playful competition if you allow it to, regardless of the particular sport that you play. Here are some landscaping ideas for how to make your yard ideal for the following backyard sports…


Football has always been one of the easiest sports to play in a backyard. Pretty much all you need is a long enough stretch of grass to run and jump to catch a ball. However, you can make your yard even more ideal for a pickup game or a turkey bowl by keeping the grass mowed low and arranging trees, sheds, structures like arbors, and such on the outskirts of your yard, so that there is an ample amount of space that can be used for games.


Baseball is the classic American pastime. You can take part of this blessed tradition in your own backyard with a game between friends and family any time you’d like! Similarly to football, you don’t need a lot to play baseball. Mostly, it’s just the ball and the room to play. However, mitts and bases are ideally involved (although backyard baseball can use anything as a base). To arrange your yard for an ideal baseball game, try to keep one corner of the yard flat and clear. Baseball is played on a diamond, and using a corner of your yard to necessitate this diamond makes the boundaries of the game much clearer.


Basketball is considerably more difficult to set up in your yard, because you need harder ground for the physics of the game. This means that you need concrete or asphalt to play basketball, in addition to a hoop. Many people like to use their patio as the basis to make a halfcourt for basketball. Another option that keeps the concrete out of the way of the rest of your yard is to use the side of your home or edge of your yard to put down asphalt, so that it isn’t competing with the natural aesthetic of your yard.

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