Restoring Your Lawn after Winter

A man clears dead foliage from his garden

As the snow begins to melt, we can finally all enjoy the warmth and beauty of spring. However, we won’t necessarily see that beauty in our own yards, unless we are willing to work for it. In particular, grass is something that looks especially bad after the throes of winter. However, with a little work, you can get your lawn back to its former summer glory. Here are some tips on how to restore your lawn after winter…


The first thing you need to understand about restoring your lawn is that the weight of the snow that it has sustained throughout winter has packed down the soil. This isn’t healthy for grass, and will need to be undone. While the soil will naturally unpack, over time, it is much better for your lawn to aerate. Aerating the grass will allow nutrients to seep throughout the soil, and thus make for a healthier lawn. To do this, hiring a professional to use a plug aerator will ensure that the job gets done.

Remove dead leaves and grass

When the snow falls, a lot of the time, there will be loose grass and leaves that get settled over on the ground. Ideally, you would have cleared up your lawn before the snowfall. However, life happens and it can be hard to get to these types of chores at just the right time. The reason this is a big deal, though, is that dead leaves can cause spots of grass to die underneath it, as the snow packs onto it.

Beat the weeds

You can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as the snow melts and the temperature climbs, the weeds are going to start to take over. If you wait until spring is in full swing, you can be certain that invasive plants will have taken over a good portion of your yard. This can cause dead spots and make it difficult to restore your lawn without using more sod and seeds (which may be necessary, still). If the temperatures are still low, but the snow has melted, now is a great time to get a head start and prevent weeds from moving in and taking over your yard.

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