Preparing Your Garden Shed for Spring

A row of dirty garden tools

We’re almost out of the winter months (and what an unusual winter it has been, in Utah). For many homeowners, this means there is going to be a good deal of work going into getting our yards and gardens back to their former summer glory. While we still have a little bit of winter left, what we can do now to prepare for spring yard work is get our garden shed ready for when the snow finally does help. Here are some tips for how to prepare your garden shed for spring…

Check tools for rust

One common issue that happens over winter with garden tools is that they have a horrible habit of developing rust. This is because, oftentimes, despite our best efforts, inside of a toolshed will still get wet during the winter months. Because of this, now is a good time to get out to the shed and clear some of that rust off, so that your tools will be ready and safe to use by the time spring came around.

Clean what you didn’t get to in the fall

The other thing you will find when you get to your toolshed is that you probably have some tools that you didn’t get to cleaning in the fall. This can cause rust and dullness to develop on tools. However, it is better late than never to clean your tools so that they will be ready in a couple months for you to do yard work.

Flush old fuel

In the fall, when putting your tools away, you should have flushed the fuel out of things like lawnmowers and weedwackers. However, not everybody gets around to this bit of equipment maintenance. While this isn’t a huge deal, it does mean that you’ll want to flush out the old fuel now, before you need to use any of these tools. This is because old fuel is bad for any engine, even small ones.

Reorganize your seasonal tools

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t just use your shed for garden tools and equipment that you use during the warmer months, but probably have some winter tools in there as well, such as shovels, snowblowers, and salt to melt ice and snow. Because of this, one of the immediate things you’re going to want to do to prepare your shed for the spring is get it reorganized so that your tools are prioritized for the warmer months.

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