Transitioning Your Garden From Summer to Fall

Beautiful Fall Leaves

Your hard work during the summer months has finally paid off, and it’s nearly time for harvest season.  However, as the summer winds down, you still need to keep up on your garden.  Read on for tips and tricks to help you transition your garden from summer to fall.   

Plant Perennials

Fall is the perfect time to plant perennials and bulbs that you want to have come spring time.  Some of the favorite variates for Utah are: munstead lavender, John Cabot rose, corkscrew ornamental onion, strawberry seduction yarrow, and anemones.  

Keep Weeding

It is a mistake to stop weeding your garden when it gets cooler in the fall.  Weeds steal precious nutrients from your other plants, making it harder for them to grow.   If you wait until the spring to pick back up your weeding, it will be too late.  The weeds will overgrow your garden competing for resources.  Weeds germinate in the fall, so they are easier to kill.

Don’t Forget to Water

As the summer heat cools down, your garden still needs water.  Many people are distracted by the temperature and forget that their garden still needs watering, even into the fall.  Continue to give your garden the same treatment that it had during the rest of the year as you prepare for to harvest.  

Plant Grass

Many professionals recommend planting grass in the fall, as the sun is not so intense then.  Choose the correct grass for your climate, as not all grass grows the same.  Popular Utah grasses include: Bermuda Grass, Zoysia Grass, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Fescue Blend.  You can either grow from seeds or from sod, depending on which you prefer.  Both types grow well in the fall.  

Adjust Your Mowing Height

If you’re like most people, you probably raised your mowing height for the summer.  However, it is important that you return the mower deck back to it’s normal height for the fall.  If you keep your grass 2-3 inches tall, it will ensure that it won’t get too squished under leaves and snow during the winter.  Don’t cut it too short, or you will find a weed bed come spring.

Continue to Harvest

Many of your plants will be ready for harvest, so continue to bring them in and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You can also plant a few more vegetables for a second planting season, such as beans, cucumbers, peas, and kale.  


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