cucumbers growingSo, you’d like to garden, but you don’t see how… not when all you have for a “yard” is a tiny patch of soil. Perhaps you don’t even have a yard. Or maybe your yard is occupied by a child play zone, and you don’t want to have kids galloping over your tomatoes. Well, the truth is that growing vegetables and herbs is possible for anyone, even if it’s as simple as having an herb garden in your kitchen.

The plants are hibernating under the ground, and you’re no longer spending time out in the yard planting, harvesting, and weeding. However, that doesn’t mean that your green thumb is wholly at rest. In the wake of New Year’s resolutions, and with time to strategize before planting season, January is the perfect month to plan out your summer garden. Whether you’re thinking of a major overhaul, or just a few new elements, check out these popular new trends for 2017 to inspire you and keep your garden current and interesting:

Buying produce can rack up quite the bill, even though they is necessary to keep you and your family healthy.  However, you can save quite a bit of cash if you buy fruits and vegetables that are in season.  Not only that, but if you buy produce when it is in season, it will be much tastier than if you buy it when it is out of season.  Remember that you can also buy frozen, canned, or dried fruits and vegetables to give you the nutrients that you need at any time throughout the year.  Read on to learn when different fruits and vegetables are in season, so that you know when you should buy them.