Tree Planting

There’s nothing like relaxing in the shelter of a big tree. We love climbing its branches as children and watching its leaves turn in the autumn. Trees add character to a landscape, and lend a sense of permanence and comfort. In fact, studies are now showing that trees might even promote harmony, happiness, and wellbeing in a home and community.

In addition to all the sentimental aspects of a tree, their presence can also greatly add to the value of your home. Trees bordering the street raise the value of the whole neighborhood by 3%. A mature tree in your front yard adds 3-5% to the value of your home. Trees, strategically positioned, can also help you save on your monthly bills.

Trees can frame a view–either of the house itself, or the view from a window. They can even block an unpleasant view, filling up the windowscape with beautiful foliage instead.

Planting Trees Is an Art and a Science

There are many factors that influence the best placement of a tree in your yard. Since trees are permanent fixtures, you’ll want to make sure that your tree is properly planted the first time. We can help you find the right spot so that your tree is in harmonious balance with landscape design principles, and complements the overall design of your yard and home.

Your tree also needs to have an environment suited to its needs, so that it will thrive and grow for years to come. We need to factor in the specific weather and exposure conditions of the tree, the quality of the soil, and the space in question. Trees need enough space to grow to maturity without pruning–both in the roots, and in the branches. We have experience with planting trees in Utah, and we can help you find exactly the right tree for your needs.

Planting Trees Helps You Save Money

A properly planted tree can help you save on your monthly water and energy bills.

By providing cover from the hot sun, trees insulate your home and help you save on your monthly air conditioning cost. Trees don’t even need to provide direct shade in order to make a difference to the temperature in your home. The shade that they cast on pavement and driveways prevents radiating heat from raising the temperature in your home.

Trees also shelter your lawn, protecting them from the moisture loss that occurs each day as the grass bakes under the sun. This means you have to water less often, and for shorter periods of time, in order to get the same (or better) results from your lawn.

Give Your Tree a Chance to Grow

Newly planted trees don’t always thrive. They can struggle to adapt to a new environment, and if it’s not suited to their needs for water, soil, and sunshine, and space, they’ll suffer. Ensure that your investment is protected by letting our team help you plant your new tree. Call today and let the experts at Cottonwood Landscapes take care of all your tree planting and maintenance needs!