Waterwise Planting for Utah Landscaping

desert plants in Utah yard

In Utah, we’re facing some watering guidelines due to our desert climate. Weekly lawn watering guides for 2022 encourage residents to wait as long as possible to start watering their lawns. For Northern Utah, the drought watering guide suggests holding off on irrigation until temperatures are consistently above 70 degrees. So, how can you adapt […]

Ordering Seeds for Spring Planting

Seed packets

Winter is usually the time that us gardeners tend to sit by the window, dreaming of the elaborate gardens that we’ll have in the summer. While you’re craving a glimpse of green, your favorite activity might be thumbing through seed catalogs, plotting the different species that you’re going to try out this year.

All About Outdoor Lighting

We often talk about creating dimensional lighting indoors, with a combination of ambient, accent, and task lighting. Outdoor lighting, however, tends to see far less attention. But without outdoor lighting, you can’t enjoy the beautiful landscaping surrounding your home once dusk hits. Here is a brief guide to outdoor lighting in landscaping and which portions […]