What’s the Point of a Pergola?

pergola dressed in lights

The pergola is a popular yard design element but what, exactly, does it do? If you want to create a focal point in your landscaping, you have a lot of options. From water features to outdoor dining spaces, Cottonwood Landscapes can help with it all. Today we’ll share some of the reasons why pergolas are […]

Get Decked Out! Upgrading Your Patio In Style

Custom deck with patio furniture

In all great architecture, there is a focal point around which the whole building is centered. This might not be the literal center of the structure, but it is the ideological center that adds cohesion and focus to the building, infusing the whole place with a particular aura, a je ne sais quoi that is […]

Beautifying Your Backyard

backyard fire pit

With warm months fast-approaching, it’s time to think about sprucing up the yard. You want your property to serve as a little slice of paradise, so what should you include in your backyard design? 

Dreaming of Your Perfect Patio

Backyard covered patio

Utah has beautiful seasons year-round and being able to enjoy them from the comfort of your own backyard is a luxury like no other. Having a covered patio will make covering you and your patio appliances and furnishings from UV rays and other harsh weather. Designed to fit your tastes and preferences, your covered patio […]