Making the Most of Small Spaces

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Small is Definitely Big Right Now

We all might daydream of owning an enormous home with a yard design fit for the trades but the truth is that most of us will have to make do with a much smaller space. This isn’t so bad, however, as the popularity of micro-homes has skyrocketed in recent years, especially during the pandemic. 

These tiny homes propose an interesting riddle: how can we extract beauty, functionality, and zen from a space that is typically smaller than most people’s master bedrooms? Watching people solve this question has driven more and more people to the type of daytime TV programming that features tiny house remodels.

Landscaping experts, however, have been asking the very same questions for their entire careers. Surely, there must be ways that we can turn some modest square footage into an oasis of tranquility, no matter the budget or location.

Vast Improvements to Small Yards

The team at Cottonwood Landscapes has spent decades helping Utahns get the most out of their property, whether that means putting in something major, like a swimming pool, or something simple, like a basic lighting makeover. 

Whatever the client dreams up, we can make it happen. Perhaps this is never more impressive than in small yards, where we must be judicious about our space and installing even one extra feature can feel like a jumbled mess.

As such, we’ve boiled down a few great ideas that capitalize on smart yard design and will make you want to spend more time in your outdoor haven.

Utilize Walls

When real estate is at a premium, even the perimeter wall becomes a canvas. First, there’s the structure itself. If you haven’t yet installed a wall or you would like to have it redone, we can help. We can build you a retaining wall from one of many different types of materials, such as:

  • Boulders
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Wood Ties

Once you’re happy with how your wall sits, then comes the fun part of decorating it. Vines, hanging pot sconces, lights, and paint all contribute to a feature that doesn’t make the area feel boxed in as much as it makes the yard come alive.

Create a Footpath

Similar to bringing character to your perimeter wall, you can also make traversing your property interesting by installing a custom footpath. Most people factor in a walking area into their yard design already, so a path won’t require any additional, strenuous work.

At Cottonwood Landscapes, we excel at pathways. Whether you’re using pavers or flagstone, we can turn your little yard into whatever type of space you want. Perhaps you’re thinking about making your yard less of a garden and more of a patio. We’ve got you covered.

Make a Space for Company

Unless you’ve been blessed with a green thumb, most people want their backyard to be a place for guests to come and relax. We’ve already mentioned the possibilities that come from paving a portion of your yard but there are lots of things you can do to make that space your own.

With the help of a few pieces of furniture and a way to manage the climate, you are well on your way to a yard design your friends and family will yearn to spend time in.

Let Nature Reign

Of course, your property can be less people-focused and more nature-focused. The outdoors belongs to nature, after all, and whether you want to go for the manicured look of a European garden or the controlled chaos of an English garden, you will still make a space that will take your breath away. There are a few ideas to achieve synergy between you and your flora:

  • Create vertical gardens using wall shelves and planters
  • Install hanging planters
  • Use lots of containers, like flower pots
  • Create platforms for a layered look

When it comes to landscaping with nature in mind, you want to be mindful of colors, levels, perspectives, and textures. How things are hanging, where they are placed, whether there is a diversity of plants…all are good things to consider as you revamp your small yard. Give us a call today if you are interested in unlocking your property’s potential. 

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