Upgrade Your Home with a Covered Patio

Exterior covered patio

Imagine the tranquility of sitting on the back patio during a rainstorm: the sound of water hitting the overhead roof; the cozy heat from the outdoor fireplace; you, nestled comfortably on the outdoor furniture, a book in your hand. This dreamy scenario is one that we’ve heard about many times over the years, as we have consulted with clients about improving their yard design. What is consistently surprising to many of them is just how doable this dream is to make real.

Our team of landscaping experts understands the dreams that drive homeowners to call us; after all, we’re homeowners as well, and we look at our own property with the same critical eye and unshackled imagination. Whether there is rain or not, or an outdoor fireplace or not, we understand what our clients are really looking for when they call us: how can they make better use of their patio, especially in light of Utah’s inconsistent weather? In times like these, we are happy to point them toward the benefits of first installing a roof or other covering above their deck or patio.

Bringing Class To Your Yard Design

When it comes to spending more time outdoors in the comfort of your property, enjoying the sitting area you’ve planned, a covered patio is ideal. Not only do they imbue the general aesthetic of your home with that extra touch of class, but they have numerous practical benefits as well. Below are just a few reasons our clients might want to consider budgeting for extra roof protection over their patio. 

Expanding Your Home

Perhaps the first and best reason that people come to Cottonwood Landscapes to design a covered patio is to increase their home’s living space. Over the years, landscaping architects have reported a significant increase in interest in designing what is, ostensibly, another room to the house, only outdoors. These additions range from a simple sitting area for reading and talking, an outdoor kitchen and dining area, or even a lounge to watch TV and mix a drink. 

Weather Protection

Everyone loves the idea of beautifully furnishing their patio as a retreat for themselves and guests; chairs, couches, ottomans, and tables are stylishly spread around the deck, perhaps encircling a fire pit, and everything is tranquil. That is until it starts to rain. A covering over your property will keep your hard-earned investments clean, dry, and usable for years to come.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

Unless there are stipulations in place to keep the property as a family asset forever, chances are that eventually, someone will tour the house with designs on buying it. A covered patio is a great way to increase the value of your home as well as generate demand among buyers to snag it. Homes with an outdoor living space typically spend less time on the market than their uncovered counterparts.

Patio Covers Keep the Whole House Cool

Utah is a desert, after all, which means that the sun can feel more unforgiving here than in other places in the country. Patios with a roof can be as much as 10° cooler in the shade and can keep the sun from sending heat into the house through the windows. Less heat coming in means less need to turn up the air conditioning, saving you money. 

More Privacy

One of the main goals our clients bring to us at Cottonwood Landscapes is that they want all the beauty of luxury landscaping as well as an increase in privacy from the outside world. Our contractors and designers will work with you to ensure that there is a marked increase in the amount of security and seclusion you feel on your property. A patio cover is perfect for achieving this.

If you have questions about how a roof can be added elegantly to your existing façade to cover the patio, give us a call today and we’ll schedule a free consultation.  

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