Brilliant Summer Backyard Design

friends gather in backyard

We don’t know about you, but we are absolutely psyched for the upcoming summer weather. The sun is setting later each day, and the chillier nights are warming up a bit. Soon backyard barbeques will ensue with the aroma of Texas-style brisket in the smoker, gazebo furniture with cerulean-colored pillows will adorn patio slabs, twinkle lights will illuminate the air, and nights will be made merry by the sounds of laughter. Whether you’re hanging out around your outdoor kitchen or settling in for afternoon snacks by a trickling pond or waterfall, the perfect outdoor backyard design enhances your lifestyle. 

Are you ready to host these festive summer nights? Have you finished those landscaping projects on your list? What is your backyard missing that can create this type of inviting and mesmerizing atmosphere?

Let’s Transform Your Backyard

With just a little bit of TLC, you can transform your backyard into the oasis of awesomeness that you have been imagining. Let us help you make these dreams and plans a reality. What can we do for you?

  • Build fire pits
  • Install outdoor lighting
  • Offer premier landscape designs
  • Incorporate water features, including pools, ponds, and fountains
  • Expand decks
  • Pour and build patios

Our extensive knowledge, combined with our unparalleled creativity may be just the ticket to establishing the backyard escape that you envision.

What Should Your Backyard Become?

If we go back to the barbeque mentioned above, there are a few key elements that bring a summer night to life. You may want to consider these questions: What do I plan on doing in my backyard? What kind of time will I spend back there? What activities are important to me? How much work do I want to put into upkeep? Where will my guests gather?

As you begin to think about these things, we will know how to design the perfect space for you. Perhaps your yard is already landscaped the way you want it, but some outdoor lighting is missing. Maybe you have always wanted a water pond, but have been intimidated by working with water. We are happy to assist. We have the know-how and the man-power to create a beautiful flagstone path that gives your yard a unique and beautiful presence. We can make that vision a reality.

Landscaping doesn’t have to feel intimidating or overwhelming. We treat your yard as a blank canvas and create beautiful works of art. Call us today for a quote and let’s get you ready for those backyard gatherings that will create memories of a lifetime.

Cottonwood Landscapes is your source for premier landscaping in Utah.

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