Incorporating Rocks Into Your Landscaping

Rocks are a powerful tool that can be used in landscape design. When we think of landscaping, we too often only think of the lush green things, such as trees, gardens, flowers, and bushes. These are all important, but rocks help balance out the design to guide the eye, bring a more “earthy” aesthetic, and can frame other aspects of your yard’s landscaping. In Utah, this also helps tie the land to the natural local scenery.

Here are some tips you can follow to incorporate more rocks into your landscaping…

Accenting Water Features

One example of how you can use rocks in a supplementary way is to use them in conjunction with water features in your yard. For example, if you have a small pond, fountain, or stream in your yard, you can give the water more texture by placing large rocks or boulders in strategic points in the water flow. This helps water features have a more natural look and feel, and also helps make them more peaceful by giving unique surfaces for the water to run along. The soothing sounds this creates are another big benefit.

Building a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can be made of rocks, boulders, and bricks. They help your landscape design by giving your walls leading lines and angles. You can also use them to give your yard various levels of elevation, which adds a nifty visual dynamic. On a practical level, retaining walls also maintain soil, which prevents erosion. These are especially useful for keep soil in place on a sloped surface in your yard.

Space Your Garden

One of the most natural methods of using stone in your landscaping is to place rocks at key points in a garden. Using bigger, more decorative stones in the midst of your plants and trees can create an excellent accent that helps draw attention to color and life in your garden. This also gives your garden more varying textures, which helps keep the eye interested.

Building Steps

If you have various elevations of terrain in your yard, which is common for lots of Utah homes, then you may find it both practical and aesthetically to put steps leading through your landscaping that guide both walkers and their eyes to your home. Stone and rock steps are an excellent option for this.

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