4 Landscaping New Years Resolution

It’s a new year, which means that it’s the time of year that everyone and their dog is creating new year’s resolutions, in an attempt to have a better and more productive year than the last. When creating your resolutions, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many areas of your life you could choose to make resolutions in, it can become so overwhelming that you skip resolutions altogether. Before you throw in the resolution towel, here are a few home improvement and landscaping resolution to consider making this year.

Start composting


In 2019, we should have a bigger focus on taking care of the planet that we get the privilege to live on. One of the easiest ways to start giving back to the earth, is to start composting. Composting is where you create a rich soil out of natural food waste. Instead of tossing egg shells and cucumber peels into the trash, throw them into a composting bin in your yard. Your vegetables and plant will be healthier, and you’ll create less waste.


Conserve more water


No matter where you live, we should really all be focusing on conserving more water this year! Water your lawn less. In fact, consider replacing your lawn with a grass-less alternative. You could choose a realistic looking artificial turf, or consult a landscape specialist for other options, such as a rock garden, or simply cutting back the amount of grass that you have.


Get organized


Everything is better when things are organized, so your yard is no different. Don’t let yourself get sloppy, and spend some time organizing your outdoor spaces. Remove clutter, get organized, and get ready to enjoy all of the time you spend outside with your friends and loved ones this year in your clean yard.


Get started on your to do list


You know that to do list you’ve had for months, if not years, of things you want to accomplish and do with your landscape? This year, do it. Make a list and prioritize which will be easiest to happen and which will be accomplished first. Turn your what ifs, into what next’s?

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