3 Easy DIY Backyard Projects To Do This Spring

Now that the weather has really started to warm up, it’s natural to want to spend more time outside. Aside from just spending time in your yard, the best time of year to do a few handyman projects in your yard, is the beginning of spring. This way, it’s not too hot and you can comfortably work outside for hours without getting overheated. DIY projects for your backyard is a fun and easy way to get your hands dirty and enjoy being outside. Here are a few of our current favorite DIY projects!

Planter and Trellis


If you’ve always wanted climbing ivy or plants, but didn’t want to sacrifice the integrity of your home, this project is for you! You can easily create a planter and trellis, and install a climbing plant on it! Just make sure that you place the trellis far enough away from the walls of your home, to make sure that the plant doesn’t interfere with the structure of your walls. You can either purchase a ready made trellis, or make one out of bamboo! You’ll first need to build a frame for your trellis, we suggest pine because it’s inexpensive! Then you’ll create a lattice pattern with the bamboo and fasten it to the front of your frame using a drill(make sure to make a pilot hole first, as bamboo splits easily!).


Patio planter


While we’re on the subject of easy planter projects, there’s no reason why you can’t make your own planter to go on your patio or deck! All you’ll need is some of your favorite lumber, soil, and plants to fill them with! Easily enough, create a box shape, assemble it together, and fill it! You can get more complicated and find a design to create a more intricate box, or you can go with a standard rectangular box shape. To make your planter boxes last longer, keep the bottom elevated from the ground, as well as use pressure treated wood, to prevent mildew or rotting.


Copper wind chimes


You’d never guess that creating a wind chime is easy as gathering up a few leftover copper pipes, but it is. Cut the copper pipe into the desired length, to create the sound that you like. Drill holes through one end, and thread fishing line through these holes. Tie these threads to a wooden base, and you now have a copper wind chime that you can hang anywhere in your yard.

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