Ideas for a Festive Front Yard

Beautiful holiday porch

Now that we’ve hit the middle of November, all of us are starting to feel the telltale bite in the air that signals the Holiday season. Whether you’re someone who insists on waiting until after Thanksgiving to erect the Christmas decorations, or you want to get in the spirit of the holiday as soon as possible, here are some tips to make your home ready for the holidays:

Put up Lights Safely

Lights might seem like a simple process at first, but anytime you’re dealing with outdoor electricity, it can get complicated. So, for the sake of safety, follow these tips:
Choose waterproof, outdoor-rated lights.
Don’t install lights on any tree that’s close enough to touch a power line in a breeze.
Make sure any extension cords are rated for outdoor use, and that they’re out of the way and won’t become a trip wire. Tape them down, or wrap them up high.
Plug your lights in before putting them up so you can see if any bulbs are burned out.

Be Ready for Snow

Snow is an inevitable part of winter, and honestly, it will only add to the Christmas-y look of your house. However, for practicality’s sake, you want to be well-prepared for the winter BEFORE it strikes. Keep rock salt around. Even with a well-shoveled walkway, steps can get icy and slippery, which can be a major safety hazard. Also make sure a sturdy snow shovel is readily accessible.

Window Lighting

One of the most appealing things about a house in the cold winter is warmly-glowing windows. There’s nothing cozier! So make the most of it by dressing your windows well, and even illuminating them with warm yellow light.

Plant some Winter Color

Most of the time, winter strips our yards of color. It doesn’t always have to be that way, though! Every yard should have some evergreen incorporated into it. Plant shrubs that will maintain their green color all year round. Flowering quince is a hardy plant that will continue to offer up its rosy-red blossoms all year, even in the depth of winter. Holly is an old favorite, or you can look into winterberry, which is a relative. Camellias are another plant that many are surprised to see blossoming in the winter. It’s a beautiful shrub that can provide great coverage.

Border Your Door

The feature of a winter yard is a welcoming entryway. Border your door with little Christmas trees, or arrangements of berry branches and evergreen boughs. Remember, if fir branches can last in a wreath for a month or more, you can put them in other arrangements too. Consider bringing out vintage-looking old boxes, bins, and buckets for a rustic feel. Incorporate pine cones and nuts into your decor.

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