Your Spring Gardening Tool Checklist

spring gardening toolsLooking at really getting started in gardening and landscaping this spring? Here is a brief guide to the gardening tools you’ll need as a beginner in your garden.

For You

Gardening gloves

Gardening gloves are, of course, essential for protecting your hands as you work in the garden. You’ll even find them at your local dollar store, so these won’t break the bank.

Gardening apron

A gardening apron can help protect you and your clothing while offering a convenient place to store frequently used tools.


You should wear sunscreen at least on your face on a daily basis anyhow, but this is especially true on days when you’ll be out working in your yard and garden. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to oft-neglected places like your forearms and neck.

Kneeling pads

Many beginners to gardening try to do without kneeling pads, but the truth is that you’ll need them to protect your knees and save yourself from a great deal of pain in the long run.

Small Tools


A trowel may very well be the first thing you picture when you think of the phrase “gardening tools.” You’ll need one as you dig to plant seeds, bulbs, and nursery plants.


Scratch the surface of your garden with this handheld, multi-prong tool to help loosen and stir soil around.

Pruning shears

Pruning shears are essential for cutting flower stems and small branches. Bonus: These come in handy for cutting the stems of fresh store-bought bouquets, as well.

Garden tote

Of course, you’ll need something to carry these tools around with you. All you need is a canvas tote featuring several pockets for carrying the essentials as you moving about in the yard.

Large Tools

Garden rake

Yes, you probably own a leaf rake for gathering leaves during the fall season, but a garden rake is essential for breaking up and smoothing soil that has been spaded and cultivated. You can also use garden rakes to move around gravel or sand. These are sometimes referred to a level head rakes or bow rakes.


This large version of the trowel is essential for digging, transplanting, and moving any amount of dirt around the garden.


These aren’t just for angry mobbers; pitchforks are extremely useful for digging through rocky soil and removing large stones from your soil.


A natural accompaniment to a strong shovel, a wheelbarrow will help you transport high amounts of dirt and soil around the yard.

Plant Maintenance

Watering can

Use this for watering potted plants and delicate plants in window boxes.


Your main hose should be fitted with a spray nozzle to help you control water flow as you water your garden. You might also invest in a soaker style hose for easily soaking the soil in your flower beds.

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