6 Tips to Prepare Your Yard for an Outdoor Wedding

Backyard weddings can be some of the most memorable.  However, to set the scene for the perfect backyard wedding, you have to make the proper preparations.  Creating the correct balance of form and function is key.  Knowing where to allocate the budget for the most impact can make the difference between acceptable and amazing.

Check out these five tips for creating a backyard worthy of a wedding.

  1. Prepare as far in advance as possible

To reach the full potential of your landscape you’ll need to plan far in advance.  The more time plants have to establish and start healthy new growth the better.  Take inventory of your yard as soon as possible after the engagement to see what improvements you need to make.

Don’t overlook the natural features you already have. If your yard features towering oaks or a charming grove of fruit trees, work these elements into your design. With twinkle lights and ribbon, even the barest of backyards can look wedding-worthy in no time.

  1. Get Me to the Yard on Time

A distinct and safe pathway to invite guest in and get them out is critical.  Ideally a paved path is best.

With a paved entry and exit you’ll prevent your grass from getting worn down by an army of high heels, and you’ll give structure to the partygoers while they wait in line. When you have a defined path, the decorator will know where to put the guestbook and position greeting spots.

A professionally installed natural stone or paver path will add a rich character and history to the yard, traits that establish the classic feel of a beautiful wedding.

  1. The Power of Love

Day or night, you need to think about how you’ll provide power for the lighting, the catering crew, and the DJ’s equipment.   Ask each of your vendors for their specific power requirements in advance to make sure your home stays powered up during the party.  Plan ways to run the power chords so they are hidden from view.

You may find that you need to invest in a portable generator.

  1. The Grass Is Always Greener

Your carefully manicured lawn will take a beating at a large wedding.  Do any patching, leveling and fertilizing far enough in advance that the enhancements are well established and seamless.

Pay attention to the slopes in your yard.   Obviously, keep the main gathering spots and anyplace tables and chairs are set up in the flattest areas possible.

If you plan to make hosting weddings a regular event on your property, investing in a large patio makes perfect sense.

  1. Weather the Storm and Feature Elements.

Unless you live in paradise where the temperature is always 70 degrees and clouds never cover the sky you run the risk of inclement weather.  For peace of mind, besides traditional rental tents, you can utilize covered patios, pergolas and gazebos as places of shade and shelter.  Beyond refuge from the weather, structure elements establish focal points and natural gathering spots and destination for the bride and groom to take photos.

Water features always can also liven up the landscape and are natural spots for the photo shoot.

When you invest in a yard’s features, you not only provide detail for the wedding –  you create outdoor living spaces  you can enjoy for years to come.


No matter the style or season of your backyard wedding, these five tips will help ensure that the big day is up to par with expectations.

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