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Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a big trend in landscaping and backyard fashion. They essentially turn your backyard into the perfect hangout spot that lets you relax alone, have a nice dinner with family, or entertain guests at any party you host. The outdoor kitchen lets you make delicious meals in the serene and calming environment of your own yard, and that’s a luxury that’s hard to ignore. At Cottonwood Landscapes, we help the people of West Jordan realize the outdoor kitchens of their dreams…

Outdoor Kitchen Components

There are plenty of options that you can utilize to make your own outdoor kitchen. You could go all out and try to replicate many of the amenities of an indoor kitchen, including flooring, plumbing, countertops, and more. Or, you can design it to be more like a top-notch barbecue environment, with a nice grill and a few other amenities. Whatever you choose, here are some components to keep in mind when designing an outdoor kitchen.

  • Appliances: Appliances like refrigeration, or a functioning sink to use, can make an outdoor kitchen shine, in terms of usability. Outfitting the space for the plumbing and electrical work that is necessary for these appliances is something our team can help you accomplish.
  • Grills & Stoves: Most outdoor kitchens utilize a grill, but you can also opt to install stoves, fryers, ovens, smokers, and a whole lot more. Your cooking amenities are basically the centerpiece of the kitchen, so really think about what you want.
  • Flooring: The right flooring helps you outline the space of your outdoor kitchen and define it from the rest of your landscaping. Concrete, flagstone, gravel, and wood are all common flooring options.
  • Countertops: Even if you have a space to cook, what really separates an outdoor kitchen from a general barbecue space is that you have space and convenience to prepare a meal in your backyard. This means having the necessary counter space to meet your meal-making ambitions. In addition to countertops, think about cabinetry, islands, and drawers.
  • Shelter: A covered outdoor kitchen area makes for a comfier space to relax. Pergolas, for example, are a great cover for such a space. This will help shield you from too much precipitation and sunlight while you are cooking.

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