West Jordan Landscape Design

At Cottonwood Landscapes, we help you achieve your vision for your landscape design. Through years of experience, skill, and education we have helped the people of West Jordan build the yards of their dreams. Because of our understanding of plant growth and soil requirements, we save you lots of time and money, while still achieving your dreams.

Creating Beauty & Flow

A beautiful and cool looking yard.

Our landscape designers have over 35 years of landscape design experience in Utah. The most important part of the design is advanced planning. We provide advice and options and assess with you to help get the most of what you want from your yard. We work hard to implement the plan, achieving beauty and creating a comfortable flow. Together, we will create a landscaped yard to compliment your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to call us to start planning the landscaping of your ideal yard!

Elements Of Landscape Design

If you are struggling with what you are looking for in your yard design consider landscaping as an art form. Landscapers cultivate your yard to create a beautiful, living canvas. The elements of landscape design include the following:

  • Unity: Having one central theme in your garden and yard to blend your design into one cohesive entity.
  • Scale: Scale refers to the relationship between elements of your garden and surrounding objects. It is important to make sure everything is proportionate to your home and the surrounding buildings.
  • Balance: You may want your yard to be formally balanced. A symmetrical design that is the feeling of stability and dignity. an informal balance makes things feel more natural and unique.
  • Color: The colors of your landscape can be a very powerful element in creating a mood or feeling. Use color to set the mood you want to emphasize one part of your yard.
  • Line: Lines create natural breaks in your landscape design. Keeping everything linear gives a sense of structure and modernism, while non-linear lines give a more natural or casual feel.
  • Variety: It is crucial to include variety in your landscaping. Accents of different colors, plants, ground cover to break up the design, adding flow and style.

There are many other things to consider when designing your yard. Luckily we know everything that needs to be considered and will guide you through the process. If you live in West Jordan and need landscaping design done for your home or business, please don’t hesitate to reach out today!

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