Therapeutic Abilities of Water Features

A fountain of water in a stone wall.It’s visually inherent that water features can improve the natural beauty of a property, and provide a stunning addition to any landscaping project. However, there is more than just simple aesthetic reasons to use water features in your landscaping. There are actual tangible therapeutic benefits that can be experienced when one watches and listens to a serene water feature, whether it be a waterfall, a fountain, a man-made stream, a pond, or even a swimming pool.

Helps improve moods and relieves stress

A peaceful and natural flow of water has been shown to help improve people’s moods, as well as alleviate stress. This makes water features a powerful psychological and therapeutic tool that can improve the standard of living for those around them. This seems to make common sense. Few things are as peaceful as standing, relaxed, by a waterfall, or a little natural stream. People love water, even to the point of making their vacation destinations all about water (such as the ocean).

The science

Apart from people’s own personal experiences, there is even more than anecdotal evidence to suggest how water features provide a therapeutic benefit. There is actual science to back this up. Studies have shown that being in the presence of flowing water causes one’s blood pressure to lower, which relaxes the respiratory system. This allows more oxygen to flow to the brain, which improves one’s mood. Multitudes of hospitals and rehabilitation centers have also noted the benefits to their patients that is provided when a water feature is present in their facility.

Feel these benefits in your own home

Today, we live in a world that provides people with a variety of sources of stress. The world is fast moving and full of pressures that can wear down on a professional person. This makes the appeal of having a water feature in one’s home very apparent. The ability to get home and close your eyes as you feel the therapeutic powers of a beautiful water feature rush over you allows you to wind down and take some of the edge of modern life off of your shoulders. Call Cottonwood Landscaping to see what a water feature can do for you!