Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor kitchen on a patio.Here at Cottonwood Landscaping, we are experts in putting together the finer nuances of what it takes to create an outdoor cooking area, whether that be in the form of a cozy fire pit or an elegant outdoor kitchen. However, some people may not see the immediate benefit of being able to cook in the great outdoors. After all, we already have kitchens in the comfort of our own homes. However, when the season permits it, there are many elements of outdoor cooking that can be hard to beat…


Embrace natural beauty


If you are already into landscaping, the exterior of your home will be a place of serene beauty (especially if we were the ones who worked on it, not to brag). The natural views and the fulfilling breaths of fresh air make cooking outside an experience that makes you feel more at peace, and is a great way to unwind after a long day (or week) at work. Whether you’re making a nice meal at your outdoor kitchen, or roasting some franks over your open fire pit, you’ll be sure to enjoy the experience that outdoor cooking has to offer.


Help build community


When the spring and summer seasons roll around, people stretch, take off their winter coats, and head out to enjoy the sunshine. During this time, few things have the potential to bring people together like a social barbecue. Having a stylish outdoor kitchen makes your home the perfect place for the neighborhood to enjoy one another’s company. A nice meal, a friendly game of ball, and some time to catch up with the people around us makes for a perfect weekend afternoon!


Cook over an open flame


While it may seem more convenient to cook a meal in the comfort of your own home, there are some meals that may be better served by cooking in the great outdoors. There is a smokey, delightful flavor that many foods retain when they are cooked over an open flame. This is a textural and flavorful enhancement that can’t be replicated by cooking on a stove or in an oven, particularly when it comes to meat and vegetables. Having an open fire pit, or an outdoor kitchen, gives you the venue to enjoy meals that call for a taste that’s a little more natural.


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