Decorative Rock Design

Landscape design rockDecorative rock design in your yard can range from a flagstone pathway to a zen rock garden. Whatever you choose to do, we can help, from design, to material choice, to final placement.

The Advantages of Decorative Rock Design

Rock design literally could not be more easy to maintain. If there’s one thing in the world that holds up well to weathering and wear, it’s stone. Rocks won’t need touch-ups, and the more worn they look, the more they add to your overall aesthetic.

With a variety of colors, sizes, patterns, and shapes, the options are endless for your yard. You can have large stones and boulders as features, or patterns of pebbles that line a path into the garden.

Rocks can also be an eco-friendly, efficient option for your yard. Ground cover of rocks and pebbles often function much like mulch, protecting your soil from evaporation, pests, and weeds. This minimizes the time you need to care for plants and soil in your yard. Additionally, rocks themselves don’t need watering or other maintenance (except, sometimes, some bug spray) that will use up your money, time, and resources.

Strategic stones and boulders placed throughout your yard can discourage soil erosion and weather damage for your landscaping, preventing floods, landslides, and shifting.

Inspiration for Your Yard

Before you start thinking that rocks are boring and cheap options, consider the creative possibilities for your yard. Here are some creative tips that can get your own ideas flowing:

  • Stone retaining walls can switch up the levels in your yard and help with water efficiency, all while giving a natural, durable look.
  • Flagstone pathways can range from polished and structured to open and natural. Consider large flagstones bordered by grass, or smaller pebbles to add visual interest.
  • Stonework can be a valuable accent for any water feature in your yard. Imagine a fountain constructed with large boulders or smooth river stones in its pool.
  • Creative stonework patterns can add an interesting feature to your yard, from spiral swirls to stonework flowers to intricate mosaics.
  • Beds of rocks or pebbles can border accent plants and shrubs. Add some visual interest by differentiating lines and patterns in the bed, and alternating the color of stones.
  • Stone walkways might progress into stone stairways if you have a multi-leveled yard. Make sure that they’re installed correctly to ensure long-lasting results.
  • Do you have an unsightly downspout in the corner of your yard? Perhaps an area that, due to the natural levels of your yard, often creates puddles or streams during rainfall? Strategically placed stones can turn that area into a natural, purposeful stream instead that will protect your garden landscaping and funnel excess water where you want it.

Whatever your desired result, the landscaping experts at Cottonwood Landscapes can help you achieve it. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!